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Hello, all.

This is my first posting. I've been reading through the other postings (you people are really helpful) to find something similar to what I'm experiencing, but nothing I've seen "clicks" into it.

I'm 46, female, non-smoker, otherwise healthy, normal weight (after recently losing 44 lbs) and I do aerobic exercise 5-6 times a week with no breathing problems. I had a whiplash accident 5 years ago, and some swallowing problems now and then (dysphagia?).

When night falls, my problem begins (since 2 months ago). In the evening, I have severe post-nasal drip. As I lie down, breathing becomes harder, it takes more effort. When I'm just about to fall asleep, I drift out of consciousness and come "crashing" back as if I've fallen from a great height. This can happen 10-20 times during the night, even after I've had some sleep, and I end up not sleeping because I'm scared of "falling". These episodes are preceded by post-nasal dripping and I'm often swallowing a huge lump of mucus as I "crash" - feels like a tennis ball in my chest! And I sweat profusely during such nights.

Of course, I'm only half-awake during the day. I have huge responsibilities in my job, so this is causing big problems. I thought this was APNEA and went to see a lung specialist. He hooked me up with a detector (wires and tubes) to sleep with one night. Unfortunately (and OF COURSE), that night was a non-nasal-drip night and I slept fine. So, he has rejected apnea and has no further solutions for me.

Still, I'm getting this every night now, and it's worse and worse. Last night was horrible - about 20 episodes - my eyelids are drooping as I sit here. If you have any advice for me, or any hints, please help.

Thanks ;)

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