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Two weeks ago(Monday), I started having chest pain and pressure. That night I went to the health center at my university. They did a chest x-ray and EKG, said everything looked fine and sent me home. Wednesday night, I wasn't feeling any better and I had started having trouble breathing, and coughing a bit. So I went to the ER. They did all the same tests and diagnosed me with bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. They gave me antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and cough syrup. My cough is not that bad. I don't have coughing fits. I just cough occasionally to get up some mucus. It hurts a bit, but nothing like the shortness of breath. I have a lot of pressure on my chest almost constantly. I am always tired. It is winter, and even though I live in Alabama, the cold bothers me. The slightest bit of exercise makes me out of breath. I do not smoke and smelling a bit of smoke hurts. I've been trying to rest, but with school it is hard. I've been staying hydrated and avoiding soda. I got a humidifier. I eat well. I haven't gotten the slightest bit better. As I type this I feel the same as I did the night I went to the hospital. I went back to the doctor last wednesday and he gave me xanax, which did nothing. I'm at a loss. Who do I call? What can I do? Is there any medicine that would help? Is this really bronchitis? Are there any other possibilities?

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