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I'll try to keep this brief! I had surgery (lower abdomen) in late August. On the day of surgery I had a muscle spasm in my side. I told the Dr.'s..ect. no one seemed concerned that it would effect my surgery. Surgery went well, but Once I got to my room, I felt the muscle spasm coming back. I laid there thinking "this is bad, I can't move , and worse I CAN'T COUGH" I knew not being able to cough after surgery could be bad for my lungs. And I was a smoker at the time. Morning after surgery, surgeons assistant came to examine me. She lightly touched my stomach, and I had instant terrible pain from the spasm!!! i couldn't even speak. They gave me an injection of something and that pretty much took care of it. BUT...I spent quite a long time laying on my back, needing to cough, spent the next 5 days trying to get back on my feet. I ran a hemaglobin dropped.they took a chest x-ray..gave me blood, said my chest x-ray looked was found that I had a UTI from the catheter..a penacillin resistant strain of bacteria. Sent home on 5 days of Amoxil. Within the 2 weeks after surgery I developed a loose chest cough. It wasn't bothersome at first, no night cough, didn't feel sick. I gradually noticed I was feeling that tightness in my chest, UHOH...I have had Bronchhitis before and the feeling was the same. Things just got worse after that. The cough became very strong, very frequent at night.....and much tighter, unlike any other bronchitis i had ever had..within a few days i was feeling very my body wasn't getting the oxygen it needs...quite sick, but no fever, weirdest thing iv'e ever felt!!! I gave it a couple days and felt no better. Saw a nearby Dr. (first time ever seeing this Dr.) He listened to my lungs, took an x-ray, and said "you have bronchitis"..gave me an antibiotic, and said I would be better by the following week. A week later I was the same if not worse...went back to same Dr......still have bronchitis. This time he did some breathing tests to look for emphysema. He said the tests showed I have the start of it. He gave me more antibiotics....and things to open my lungs up. I asked how he could tell i had a bacterial infection, ha said by the x-ray!!! I didn't believe him.doesn't sound right to back home i go, and 4 days later end up in the ER...feeling so bad and strange, like nothing i can even describe. ER Doc proclaims it's viral bronchitis, x-ray is clear...then puts a call in to the Dr. i had seen....after talking to that Dr. , ER doc comes back to say maybe it's not you might imagine, i was so confused by all of this!!! ER doc decides to admit me. I spent a week there on IV Avelox. They cultured my junk I coughed up and came back with, Haemophilus influenzae...with the explanation that it is the most common bacteria effecting people with COPD!!! I was told the antibiotic would take care of this infection. I AM STILL I'm starting to think, do I still have this infection? What else could be wrong with me? I quit smoking 3 weeks ago..I really don't know where to turn for answers. I was sick all last summer with a bowel infection, had daily IV antibiotics for 7 weeks..I really don't know what to do now. I just sit here everyday, hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. Anyone here with any ideas? or someone with a similar story? Ideas are greatly lost with this.......Thank you in advance...:confused:

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