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[QUOTE=Gumbyu;4968795]Well, sorry to repeat, but I went in for a abdominal/pelvic ct scan (contrast/no contrast) because I was having some pretty severe pains on my right flank... and like what seems to be many others, they came upon a 3.5mm nodule somewhere in/around my left lung. So, now I'm exteremly scared I have cancer... I have done my research over the last 24 hours, and obviously there is so much to be said out there. I have talked to my Dr. just yet (he hasnt called - I got the results from the lab myself). I'm assuming that if it was a really big deal they woulda called me by now.

Anyways, does anyone have any idea of what else it could be? Words of encouragement would be nice... They also found a small calcified scar, most likely from Valley Fever or TB a long time ago.

And no, the right side pain hasnt been diagnosed yet... all my other organs came back as 'normal'.[/QUOTE]

Hi Gumbyu

I wouldn't worry too much. I have several nodules in my lungs which were found incidentally when I had a ct scan 2 years ago for other reasons (like you). They repeated the CT 6 months later and the nodules were unchanged. I have some calcifications other places (spleen) as well from some past infections. I suspect the nodules are also scar tissue related to that. If you smoke, you should see this as a wake up call and stop. If you have some type of respiratory symptoms, then get them checked out. Otherwise, just follow up on the nodule as the doctors recommend but in the mean time, live your life. Don't waste time worrying or reading a bunch of scary stuff on the internet.

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