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I had pneumonia 4 years ago after accidentally inhaling wd40. I recently quit smoking and two weeks ago developed a sinus infection. Since, I've had a cough that won't go away and there is occasional faint pain in my upper back/collar bone when breathing. This happens often when I get sick. The pain happens occasionally. When I had pneumonia it was extremely painful. My chest also feels tight. I've been given avalox and an inhaler.

I am only in my twenties and am absolutely terrified that I've done permanent damage. Could I have lung cancer or COPD?
When you quit smoking the symptoms you describe are very common. Belive it or not, smoking opens the air pipes and helps you breath, once you stop your chest does fo tight. The cough comes from the hairs in your throut growing back. As for pneumonia, very unlikley indeed as the sysmptoms but certainlt the pain dont minic the classic signs.

Best advice i can give as a ex smoker. Give it a few more weeks and if your still the same see your doctor. COPD, no. Copd does not give pain and your to young to have that issue really. You could have a simple chest infection, but again you can never speculate on somthing like on a forum as their are so many things it can be and only listening to the lungs and having any tests will get to the route of the problem.

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