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[QUOTE=dgossett;4997231]I'm looking for some info and encouragement tonight. I had a CT scan today that showed two lung nodules, the largest being 1 cm. The radiologist's report was read to me over the phone, and the nodules were described as "suspicious." The report also said that there was no sign of cancer on the CT. Exactly what is meant by a "suspicious" nodule? Also, is it possible to identify cancer from a CT? I have an appointment with a pulmonologist in a couple of days, and I'm sure he'll explain more, but I'm just devastated right now from the report. I live alone, no family nearby, and no one to talk to right now. Thanks for any info and help.[/QUOTE]

Hopefully you've seen a pulmo by now. They could be granulomas, just scar tissue from a previous infection. The doc may want to do a fine needle biopsy or wait and see if it changes (grow, shrinks) and follow with more ct scans ((hugs))

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