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Hello, this is my first post and Im just sharing my story... I have had severe breathing issues since Dec 15 2011 and have had every test known to man done with absolutely no results. Every test that I have done with exception to lung test has come back completely normal..... I am 35, 225lbs, very, very active in all sports no medical history, no family medical history....Here goes.

Dec 11, 2011 - I help a friend take down an interior wall of his 60 year old house. The wall is a plaster wall containing no insulation. We had dust masked on but they did nothing as the dust was so thick you couldn't see the other side of the 10x10 room. (please read on before thinking about asbestos)

Dec 15, 2011 - I start feeling backed up. I usually have a bowl movement twice a day and started getting constipated.

Dec 20, 2011 - Still no bowl movement or passing of gas... Nothing at all! My stomach is starting to become very large. I could put a pop can on it while standing up... Gross.

Dec 28, 2011 - Still no bowel movement or passing of gas. I went to Emerg and they gave me 3 enimas over 12 hours with no results. They sent me home with PEG to drink to get things moving. The next day I drank two liters of hell and still nothing...

Jan 2 2011 - I took some Pico-salex and finally gave birth to this blockage. What a relief!!! After almost 3 weeks with no passing of anything.

Jan 7 - I'm starting to feel shortness of breath. I'm playing hockey and can really feel that I can't breath when exerting myself. I went to Emerg after trying to play for the first time in about a month but they can't find anything wrong. Oxygen Saturation is 98% and X-rays come back normal. They send me home.

Jan 8 - The Emerg Dr calls my cell and says the radiologist noticed that there is some pleur effusion. He says to come back and get more tests done. I go back that day and they do more X-rays. Emerg Dr is sending me to a resporologist.

Jan 16 - I see the resporologist and she orders a few breathing tests that come back showing my FVC numbers are at 61%. After doing the test they give me an inhaler (ventolin) and do the test again to see the numbers but they are unchanged.

Feb 9 - Still can not breath. I can feel my lungs are not opening. I wake up at 3am and can't get a breath. My wife calls 911 as my skin colour is grey and I'm gasping for air. In Emerg they can't find anything wrong except the pleur effusion. They send me home 8 hours later.

March 16 - After seeing my family Dr and resporologist a few times and having dozens of blood tests done with no results I still can not breath. I'm at the point that I can not climb a flight of stairs with out being completely winded. My resporologist ordered a CAT scan with die to see what going on but everything looks normal. The pleur effusion is still there but getting smaller. She ordered a biopsy of the fluid.

April 10 - I go to the hospital to have a radiologist remove the fluid but the fluid is so small now that he cancels the procedure as its to risky even for him. He said he might poke my lung and deflate it if he tries. My breathing is still brutal. I have not done any exercises or even worked as I cant take a full breath.

May 23 - After seeing a second resporologist for a second opinion and still having no relief she orders a bronchoscope done to see what's going on inside. I had more X-rays and blood work done with everything being normal. They found that I have a small inflamation in my body but don't know why. I stated getting a "rub" in my lower chest that moves. Sometimes it's on the bottom right and sometimes it's on my lower back. This specialist thinks its something to do with my bowl obstruction.

June 11 - I have the bronchoscope done and everything looks great. No results. They send off cells for examination but they think they will come back normal and they did. My breathing is still the same. I have had more breathing tests done and my FVC numbers are at 71%. More blood work and everything is ok. The second resporologist orders a colonoscopy and endoscope done to make sure everything is ok. My bowl movement have been irregular but I am going 3-4 times a week.

July 19 - I have the colonoscopy and endoscope done but everything looks great. They send off a few biopsys to pathology but everything comes back normal. The gastro Dr says the blockage and breathing are separate things... I disagree.

Aug 9 - I see the first resporologist (who has been kept in the loop) and she wants an open lung biopsy done to check for fibrosis, sarcoidosis, and a bunch of other things. I have had more blood work and X-rays done. I had another CT scan done with everything looking fine except the pleur effusion and inflamation. I have had no symptoms during all of this except the breathing.

Open lung biopsy pre op is scheduled for Sept 4. My breathing has not changed. I can not take a full breath and the rubbing is brutal. My wife can hear it when she lays on my chest. It's horrible. I'm starting to get a little depressed with looking online at symptoms and every second day I'm diagnosing myself with something new.... I need to stop reading other ppls problems as I'm becoming a hypercondriac.

So I had some samples from my friends house taken to the local university for testing of asbestos and mold but even if it was asbestos I was breathing in back in Dec 2011 it would take years to show the Dr's say. I am at a loss and am in contact with the Mayo Clinic. They want me to get the results from the open lung biopsy first to see the results as its already booked and I'm Canadian so it's free. If there's still nothing I will go the Mayo Clinic way... Money is not a concern at this point as I just want to get a direction to look in.... I think a diagnoses of a dieses would be better than nothing. At least I could start treatment.

I apologize for my verbal diarrhea but I guess im just venting as much as looking for answers. I may have left out a test or two that was done but everything has come back normal on every test... Sigh....

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