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I have a hard time breathing in very humid air. I feel like I'm not getting any oxygen in my lungs no matter how deep I breath. I have inhalers but the only thing that helps is going into an air-conditioned room.
I've gone into bronchial spasms because of it. I don't have allergies and my pulmonary function tests came out clear. I used to smoke and I'm assuming there must be some damage to the cilia fibers in my lungs. I have had a very wet cough for over a year and powder inhalers help it, but now when I take deep breaths I get sharp pains in my lungs like they won't expand. I've been under a lot of stress. My mother recently died of pulmonary fibrosis and the stress and trauma have made my whole back and chest feel tight and painful. Crying helps release the tension. I hope I'm not doomed with the same disease my mom had. I also am being treated for an ulcer. Asthma and ulcers go hand in hand with coughing and shortness of breath. I hate medicine because of the bone density side effects from the inhalers. It's also hard on the liver. Has anyone else gone through this? I don't know how much of it is from the trauma of my mothers death though. I had the symptoms before she died. It's getting worse even with inhalers and ulcer pills. Does anyone know about pulmonary embolisms? Chest pain and stomach pain too? Help!
It's a common thing with asthma, having trouble breathing in humidity.

Inhalers may have a tiny effect on bone density, but it's usually not enough to be worth worry over. (Steroid PILLS are a much higher dose, and they really do mess with your bones.)

See a pulmonologist for a full work-up. And stay in the air conditioning, it's good for you.

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