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This problem developed in college about 3-4 years ago. What happened first was collapsed from extreme fatigue and then I started tripoding trying to breathe. We went to the hospital had a EKG, a lung x-ray and blood tests all showed nothing. The doctor said I had Acute Viral Bronchitis. (This was in the fall school year, I had to medically withdrawal.) Then comes next fall I get hit again once again the doctors can't explain it so I get diagnosed with costochondritis along with the Acute Viral bronchitis. After that thinking it was coming with the weather changes, I thought I'd be good 'til next fall. I get it again and once again go to the hospital not being able to breath and still being told it was the same thing. I am get hit again during the summer with it and then again in the fall and I took school off for that. Now it is the spring again and I can't go to school. I can barely walk to catch my breath. I just came back from the hospital I was having major trouble breathing and they called it a "Strider". I had a team waiting for me, my oxygen was great, they did a chest x-ray again and a throat xray this time. Oxygen was perfect. Blood tests perfect. Nothing. They can't find anything wrong. Again told I had Acute Viral Bronchitis.

A little bit about me. I am allergic to most medications, inhalers make it worse for me to breath. To combat that they gave me codeine cough syrup which helped greatly with the breathing problems caused by the inhaler, but caused loss of vision (temporary only while meds were in effect) and complete disorientation. The inhaler helped a bit and this was a rescue inhaler not a steroid. With that I had to take doxycylene half dose at full I get allergic to them again, but the pill has red dye in it so i have to take benedryl with it when I do. I was also taking ibuprofen for the costochondritis. I don't have a history of asthma and I was breathing just fine and exercising very well. (I was a dancer and a dance major) I do not have asthma and I do not smoke.

History: I have hoshimoto's thyroiditis controlled by thyroid meds. I have four gynecological problems regulated by hormone replacement (or birth control, I just don't like it called that cause that's not what I use it for.) I have undiagnosed stomach pains but those have been going on for years before the breathing occurred. I also have Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Now my symptoms: My lungs fell filled. I can feel my lungs they feel hallow. I don't know how I can feel both but I do. It's like when I breathe in it feels filled and when I breathe out they feel dry and brittle. I have massive burning pain in my chest. (could be costochonditis) When I cough it feels like my lungs stick together I can't breathe for a little bit. (obviously impossible) [U]Extreme[/U] fatigue at some points the fatigue is so bad it's hard to breathe because I am so exhausted. My body aches with pain (but my doctor suggests it may be fibromyalgia). I just recently have had extreme sensitivity in my senses. Sounds hurt, light touches are burning pain, I can barely eat and foods that aren't bland, and I can't stand more than one light source. (i.e. sun & a light bulb)
EDIT: Forgot to include another seeming unrelated but now an questioning it symptom. I have had ankle, knee and hip pain and have had to walk with a can as it random seems to "go out". But I noticed I didn't have the leg problems with the days I was not in a "flare up".

Current problem: I can't go to school, hold a job or even leave the house. I sit in a chair all day on bed rest trying to breathe and nothing is getting better. I can't walk to the bathroom without gasping, I can't make myself food without collapsing from exhaustion. I at first thought these were all separate my costochondritis with the burning, my viral bronchitis with the trouble breathing, collapsing due to anemia. But nothing shows up on anything. It has been Since June 2012 I have been continuously sick with this and it is progressively getting worse. Before there were "flare ups" and I would have trouble breathing for a month and then have like a few months between and obviously a year at first. Now I had 4 days between them. I am starting to gasp again. This can't just be acute viral bronchitis. I have seen over 17 doctors all which said it was this, but how can it if it is not going away and getting worse.

Please help in anyway you can.

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