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Before 6 months ago I have never seen the inside of the hospital or been sick minus the usual colds and flu's. 6 months ago I started getting a tightness in my chest, my breathing was starting to get rough. A week or so later I started to wheeze and knew I got some form of infection. I went to Carespot and they took all of my vitals, all normal. They told me it could be a virus or bacteria. They gave me some prescriptions. a month later it was just as bad I went again. This time they gave me an inhaler and more anti-viral. A couple months later I said "screw this, I can't take this any more" and went to the emergency room. I got less help there then the clinics. At least they took x-rays of my lungs and told me they were clear, so it must be a virus. So here it is, 6 months later and I'm having the same issues. My chest feels tight, if I drink coffee it sets off my condition, any hot liquids for that matter. My inhaler works to stop the wheezing but not the chest/breathing. It feels like massive chest congestion, but I take chest congestion medicine that does nothing. Taking 800 Mill if Ibuprofen seems to take away the spasms and tightness of my chest. My question is: Can a virus last for over 6 months in the lungs? I've never had health issues before and I don't smoke. Being that I've been to the clinic twice and the ER and don't have insurance is there any suggestions? 6 months, I can't work while I have this, 1 day I'm OK, the next I struggle..Any suggestions would be great, thank you..

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