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... I read all the previous post about having a hard time breathing and having to yawn to try and get a breath. I have the same problem. I am desparate to figure out what is wrong because it is so uncomfortable of a feeling. ... (14 replies)
... The muscles in that part of my back are very stiff and I'm not sure if the breathing funny causes the muscle pain or if the muscle problems cause the breathing issues. So frustrating, and happy I am not alone. ... (14 replies)
... ng is, about 2 years ago during one of my bad months i went to Arizona for 2 weeks and it completely disappeared. when i returned to philadelphia area, so did my breathing issue. ... (35 replies)

... In one week, the mucous ball in the back of my throat went away, my ear pain and fulness started to subside and the yawning urge slowed down and finally went away. ... (35 replies)
Air Hunger
Aug 1, 2009
... I'm just wondering if anyone has found something that helps. On person suggested breathing into a paper bag but that has never worked for me. Any insights appreciated. ... (18 replies)
... Hi there Jellebeans, Sorry that you've been feeling so unwell recently. I think part of the problem of why the doctors are having trouble figuring out what's wrong with you is that your symptoms are all likely very non-specific. What I mean by that is something I say all the time on these boards: there are certain symptoms which are very suggestive of a specific... (1 replies)
... eight due to not eating properly due to my other probs,but not severly underweight!! do not drink or do drugs!! dont have asthma,i sometimes get sharp pains when breathing and yawning,chest sometimes feel heavy and am having alot of strong pains in my boobs also,armpits,groin and neck. ... (1 replies)
... Hey drcassinelli, I know exactly how you feel. I have the same problem! I can never take a deep breath, and I always seem to be yawning in order to get any type of breath. It's very annoying, and it scares me sometimes. ... (5 replies)
... But I'm a personal trainer, and I seriously don't think this is muscle related. The pain is deep beneath my rib cavity, and only happens during breathing and yawning, or anything respiratory. Please advise? ... (2 replies)
Can't breath right
Nov 19, 2007
... i have the exact same problem ive been living with it for years just recently i wake up in the middle of the night afraid im going to stop breathing during the day i usually find my self thinking about taking the next breath. ... (8 replies)
... g my meds. I pray that in time this will let me once again breathe normally. If this doesn't work I will no doubt be discouraged, but there are still options. Breathing exercises don't particularly help me, but I've heard that they're effective for others. Maybe I need to stick with them for a few months. ... (20 replies)
... I really can sympathize. Several or rather many of us with this odd breathing problem have been told "anxiety" and we are of varying ages. ... (20 replies)
... I have recently begun relaxation and breathing exercises . ... (20 replies)
... I have been struggling with this since Nov. and have been severly depressed over this. I do my breathing exercises but still have not seen any results. I am at my wits end, it's the worse feeling. ... (2 replies)
Air Hunger
Dec 14, 2006
... enter for stress and anxiety. Its a great program but I really think there is more to this air hunger. I feel almost like I have asthma. I find myself constantly yawning just to get a deep enough breath and sometimes that don't even work. Which may even be causing me anxiety. ... (26 replies)
... I have never had a problem breathing until early 2006...I'm not certain exactly when it came about, just early in this year. ... (31 replies)
Jan 20, 2006
... probably every few minutes. It's very annoying. All the advice on here is great. I'm going to try the nose breathing and get some of the books too. Thank you to everyone for sharing. It's at least helpful to know that there is a name for this. ... (36 replies)
... So, I'm still a little concerned about pulmonary hypertension. My doctor says it's rare, but I'm still having it checked out. The yawning thing really bothers me because it happened before I stopped taking the med and is occuring pretty frequently now. My dad said he experiences the same thing... ... (1 replies)
... anxiety, and I found if I took and extra .5mg when I was having these episodes, it helped me to relax and breathe more normally. I have also started to try deep breathing from my diaphragm rather than shallower breathing which causes the rib cage to overexpand. ... (6 replies)
... Most people have spoken of yawning as a temporary relief of air hunger. Not with me, maybe it's because I can't make myself yawn so that never helps. ... (16 replies)

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