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... t diagnosed or diagnosed wrong. It took my pulmonary doc almost 2 years to figure out my problem.I had no bronchaestasis or other signs. Every test including the bronchopsy was negitive, just unidentified lung nodules. Eventually he had me have a VATS procedure and biopsy. Took the meds for 2 years and am no longer MAC active. ... (13 replies)
... week!!!! I am definately going to push for some sort of lung test. Fortunately or UNfortunately I have very little cough and practially no sputum. When I had a bronchopsy in 2005 it was negitive even though I was full of nodules. It wasn't until 2006 and a VATS the MAC was discovered. Okay done complaining for now. ... (73 replies)
Lung nodules
Dec 7, 2008
... Thank you for posting on here! I go to my first appointment tomorrow with a lung docter. I am very scared. But I know I need answers. I was wondering if you had breathing problems with your lung nodule? I gasp alot when I lay down. I can hardly breathe. My back also burns like fire. I get too hot and I get too cold. I am going to look up those terms you mentioned: bronchopsy... (17 replies)

Lung nodules
Dec 6, 2008
... CTScan find something in the lungs then hearing you need to go to a lung doctor is frightening!!! My pulmonary doc watched my lungs for just over a year. I had a bronchopsy which was negitive. Also had CTScans every 3 months and the nodules stayed the same without growing. Then there was a new growth! I had to have a VATS biopsy. ... (17 replies)
... It has been a really long time since I posted. So many things are going on that it's hard for me to just sit down and take time for myself. I was one of the no symptom people. The nodules in my lungs were discovered when I had bronchitis. My doc sent me to a wonderful pulmonary doc who watched them stay the same for almost 2 years of CT Scans and a "clean" bronchopsy. At what... (7 replies)
... MAI bacteria. I had a bronchopsy 2 years previous to my diagnoises and nothing grew in the cultures and all my CTScans showed no remarkable growth. ... (85 replies)
... bronchitis showed some new growths,so I had a CTScan that showed it more clearly but still unknown. It was a questionable spot in the upper left lobe. Since my bronchopsy didn't reveal anything it was thought to be any number of things from A to Z to who knows. ... (85 replies)
... Hello in our new place. I hope everyone can find their way here.We all need each others input and a place to vent. Back in 2006 I had a bronchopsy that didn't grow anything either...even the lung washing samples or whatever they are called all were happily negitive. ... (85 replies)
... The 2004 bronchopsy didn't grow anything and it wasn't until 2006 they biopsied my lung and found it. Glad I could be of help with the ethambutol causing foot numbness. ... (217 replies)
... not to take them anymore. The thing I worry about is that when I had my bronchopsy NOTHING showed up. It was a year later the every three month CTScan showed another new nodule and I had the VATS biopsy which tested positive. ... (217 replies)
... but the real thing isn't bad. Back in May 2006 I had to have one when my CTScan showed some new nodules but it wasn't clear enough to confirm anything. Since my bronchopsy refused to grow anything the doc relied on scans to track my problem. I can't remember a lot about the preparation. ... (45 replies)
... He couldn't get any sputum culture or bronchopsy to show positivefor almost two years when I first went to him. I eventually had to have a VATS lung biopsy and that is not wanted ever again! ... (45 replies)
... B is much easier to treat in this decade. Only 6 months of meds and you're done. That was my original diagnosis from the surgeon who did my VATS biopsy after the bronchopsy yeilded nothing even though I had new nodules. The weather here is hot and humid this week and it's really making breathing and energy difficult. ... (169 replies)
... s after a clear CTScan. I didn't know surgery was an option for removing the Mac nodules either. I had a section removed last June for the VATS biopsy because my bronchopsy was negitive even tho things were still growing. That is something that once is to much experience!! Does anyone have a remedy for the night sweats? ... (169 replies)
... has this awful MAC bacteria. I thought it was a disease only for middle aged females. I was diagnoised in June 2006. Nothing grew in any of the cultures from the bronchopsy I had a year earlier but the VATS biopsy finally gave an answer to what was wrong. I am taking the rifampin, ethambutol and azithromycin. ... (169 replies)
Lung Nodules
Mar 29, 2007
... worry until you know the answer, we all did. I started with the small nodules upper left lung, waited 3 months for another scan etc. PET scan was not decisive, bronchopsy was possitive for nsclc squeamous cell. Was fortunate not to have further growth before treatment. Inoperable because of my existing lung illness COPD. ... (4 replies)
... Welcome daph to the group! Please find a doctor who is knowledgeable about this MAC infection. I was diagnoised last June even though the bronchopsy and washing the year before was negitive. My pulmonary doctor knew it was something and really tried to figure out what it was. ... (169 replies)
... Hi Hellas Welcome. There are some of us with MAC who communicate our experiences. We have all had a bronchopsy and all had different experiences with it. My bronchopsy was no problem. I had the "twilight sleep" and a nebulizer type thing that numbed my throat before the procedure. I don't remember any of it. ... (5 replies)
... Isn't it amazing how we all have the same miserable MAC and all are unique. The bronchopsy stories alone show our differences. I had no trouble with mine. ... (169 replies)
... The reason I had it was because my CTScan and PTScan showed nodules growing.The bronchopsy I had 10 mos earlier was negative too and I had no symptoms. It was a mystery as to what was causing the nodules and this was the only way to figure it out. ... (110 replies)

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