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... ciggs for the last 2 years. After quitting, i have been running almost everyday. I have been coughing up phlegm sometimes yellow, white and brown. But somedays when i don't run, i don't cough up brown phlegm. Only after running it is brown otherwise it is yellow or white. ... (1 replies)
... I have had several sinus infections for the past two years. The headaches in the morning are unbelievable and I've coughed up anything from crusty plegm, brown phlegm, green phlegm, to bloody phlegm. ... (17 replies)
Excessive phlegm
Nov 26, 2006
... Brown phlegm is usually a infection or discoloured mucus due to old blood. ... (1 replies)

Brown Phlegm?
Oct 2, 2005
... Ok well I guess I should say brown liquid. Well before I get into that. For the past few months my father has been getting sick every week. And these little bouts last for at least 2 days. ... (3 replies)
... nchitis, even as a child. Had a really bad bout of bronchitis about 2 years ago. It lasted about 4 months. Soon after recovering I noticed that I was coughing up brown specks in my phlegm. I quit smoking 1 year ago. Still coughing up brown specks every morning. ... (0 replies)
... Its most likley the tar coming out of your lungs, it did with myself when quitting. I would say if it continues for a month or certainly if it turns green then yes pop to the doctor to get checked out. (1 replies)
Excessive phlegm
Nov 26, 2006
... hi all, for the past year i have been coughing up phlegm, it varies in colour from clear to brown, i have had a chest x ray which was clear, could it be an allergy? (1 replies)
... amount of blood I am coughing out is less overall, but I am starting to do it at night now as well. The blood always seems to be accompanied by what I would call brown phlegm. I get the brown phlegm quite often, and a friend of mine says he also gets the brown phlegm. ... (9 replies)
Brown Phlegm?
Oct 9, 2005
... The confused or disorientated state could have been caused by a low oxygen level in his blood or could have been shock. Anytime someone is acting like that you should seek medical attention immediately via ER or local urgent care. (3 replies)
Brown Phlegm?
Oct 4, 2005
... Well we had to take him to the ER. We had to call an ambulence. He was sleeping and wasn't responding to anything. Pin pricks, water, ice, screaming, absolutely nothing. Couldnt even get him to stand up. So now he is in IC and his breathing is back to normal but they are keeping the tube in just for precautionary measures. They are constantly suctioning his phelgm out too.... (3 replies)
Brown Phlegm?
Oct 3, 2005
... Has he been to a doctor? How old is your father? None of it sounds good to me. I wouldn't take him to an emergency room, I would take him to a doctor who can send him for different tests to see why he can't walk and why he's so out of it, and of course why he has so much phlem. He sounds like he needs a cat scan at the very least to find out why he's so congested. I wouldn't... (3 replies)
... Adam, The best way I can describe bronchitis from what I have experienced is it feels like you are trying to breathe through carbonated snot. Mine always felt like a bubbling sensation was going on in my chest. My fever usually only lasted a day. Sinus infections can also produce the yellow-brown phlegm. If it does not clear up with the zpak I would ask your doctor for... (6 replies)
... Oh and I haven't been coughing, just hacking up brown phlegm. I don't know what I am supposed to think or even know what the heck is going on with me. ... (4 replies)
Chest Infection
Jun 19, 2011
... two last year, so I know what they're like. But this one is slightly different, I never normally cough loads with chest infections, but when I have sometimes my phlegm would be slightly brown this time, or be a green colour with a little streak of blood in it, not just the normal green that I'm used to. ... (0 replies)
Bit of a Mystery
Apr 29, 2011
... Actually, now that you mention it - I came to live at home with my very disabled family (my sister and mother have severe motor disabilities - I wanted to be close at hand incase of emergencies) so I've had the small room for a long time. I have noticed that each year in winter I get progressively sicker. Finally, this year, right in the middle of these past six weeks, I... (12 replies)
Bit of a Mystery
Apr 16, 2011
... e, night sweats and confusion. Having addressed these concerns, my doctor takes me off the antibiotics which she says are doing nothing to help, especially as my phlegm remains and tastes as foul as ever. She orders sputum tests and gives me painkillers. ... (12 replies)
Feb 11, 2008
... For the past couple of weeks I've been seeing blood in my cough - on and off- however this only happens in the morning as soon as I wake up. The phlegm itself is clear (not yellow or green or brown) mixed with blood - a lot in the first cough, then less in the second, and maybe just a little in the third, then no more. It was happening before but then it stopped, but I saw it... (1 replies)
... which can be treated with antibiotics. White phlegm though I'm not sure about. I have white phlegm right now and feel like I have a lung infection with sinusitis so, the white stuff could just be from nasal drip into the airways at night while sleeping. ... (3 replies)
... Today i woke up with a temp of 101, which maxed out to 102. Same feeling. Only coughed in the morning when i showered, really nasty yellow brown stuff came out. Didnt cough much all day, when i did there was a slight burning sensation. I even have a tender lymph node on the side of my neck. ... (6 replies)
... ar thing as well. So i will try to give you some insight. I too started having an abnormal amount of phlegm, which was bloody for about a week. Generally very brown though all the time. Very very tired and weak, loss of appetite as well. This all started back in beginning of march. ... (6 replies)

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