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... ome Icy hot on my back, she gave me two tylenol and put me to bed. Of course, I wasn't tired after that. So, I began talking to a friend and she said it could be bruised lungs. I've never heard of a bruised lung before. ... (3 replies)
... There's not any possible way to seek medical attention. I'm doing much better today then yesterday. The pain is mostly gone except an slow, dull ache in the middle of my back. Earlier I had some severe pain, and after that I was really sensative to alot of things (I.E: the revving of a VERY loud motorcycle, the heavy THOOMM, THOOMM, THOOMM of some 'homeboys' stereo.) But,... (3 replies)
... Severe coughing spells can cause cracked or even broken ribs. The type of pain you describe could be caused by your ribs. You need to see a health professional immediately. Untreated broken ribs can sometimes cause serious problems. (3 replies)

... I know it looks really daunting, with all that text. But I felt you needed to know as much about the situation as possible. Please, I could really use your help! (3 replies)
... a week. Nothing changes, so I go to my regular doctor. She thinks it is not Pleurisy, and sends me to a Cardiologist. He wants a stress test done, and says my lungs sound way its pleurisy he says. The problem is my sternum feels bruised to touch in a certain spot, no outside bruising. ... (0 replies)
... stressed???? anxiety??? trust me...this will cause that awful feeling in your chest, I suffer with it, so I know. It feels like something heavy is sitting on your chest, your chest feels very tight, and eventually it will have a "bruised" feeling, because of the tightness. It truly makes me want to cry...which adds more stress to your body for having to feel this awful... (1 replies)
... Sorry to hear of your accident. In my opinion, cancer is not likely. An impact on your lungs can result in a cracked rib or a pierced lung. ... (4 replies)
... To me, it seems like that impact bruised or did something to my lung. It can't be cancer or an infection or anything can it? ... (4 replies)
... has been my challenge and wearing a bra is horrible. I am braless unless I absolutely have to wear one and it is off the second I get home. I seem to be kind of bruised all around the area of the incisions, but I bruise very easy. ... (5 replies)
How common is it?
Jun 28, 2007
... Macie, I just remembered your suggestion of the ACE test after I got back from my Pulmonologist. Boy, next time, I'm going to bring a list. :dizzy: Dragonfly: I hope your feeling better these days. Murphie: Same to you. I hope everything is looking up. I had some chest pains waking me up for the last couple of weeks. Sharp ones in the lower chest, and then... (91 replies)
... found that he had a paralyzed diaphragm. You just can't get a deep breath. The lungs are fine, the bellows that work them aren't. ... (30 replies)
Jun 8, 2004
... A lot of chest pain isn't normal after bronchoscopy. That's what it said on my discharge sheet anyway. It also said to report back to your doctor if you do have any unusual symptoms. Did they do x-rays before and after the bronch? If everything has come back normal on a chest x-ray, then I'll tell you one thing: atelectasis hurts. I get it all the time and I'm in a lot of... (2 replies)
Jun 3, 2004
... He had said both lungs as well as throat are inflammed but not why or whatever and said hed call me tomm. to explain in detail. ... (2 replies)
... I have had a constant internal pain in both sides of my back where my lungs are for about a month now. It is not a bad pain but it is always there and very annoying. I mostly feel it when I take a deep breath. ... (2 replies)

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