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... exhale exercise, and sleep better. And, bonus!, I can yawn deeper and sometimes I get a full, satisfying yawn. ... (2 replies)
... exhale exercise, and sleep better. And, bonus!, I can yawn deeper and sometimes I get a full, satisfying yawn. ... (2 replies)
... Feb 2008 I woke up one morning and my breathing seemed over night to completely change. I no longer can take a full breath. When I yawn I have to fight to get it out and one out of every 10 yawns are complete. ... (2 replies)

Cant get a breath
Oct 30, 2013
... have recently been struggling for air and cant seem to get a satisfting breath I first got this sensation when I was about 11 and didnt think anything of it untill it came back again years later. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I'm Ernesto, I am a 16 year old high school sophomore. I've been having difficulty taking a deep breath I can breath normally just sometime I can't take a deep breath it gets me annoyed and its been to the point where it gets me scared. I also have symptoms like my body feels weak and stomach hurts, I have also been burping everytime I drink something even water I've had... (1 replies)
... An incessant need to yawn and take deep breaths (gulping, etc) yet feeling unsatisfied when you do is an often overlooked symptom of chronic dehydration. A quick method to test yourself for dehydration is to check your skin turgor. Pinch the skin on the top of your hand between two fingers so that it is tented up and hold it there for a few seconds and then release it. Skin... (4 replies)
... I get this occasionally and thought I was the only person that got it. I try to yawn but can't seem to. I will continually keep trying because I need to and I can't get air into my lungs 'deeply' as I would like. ... (4 replies)
... but always there. It is quite scary as it feels like you arer going to suffacate. It is almost as you are under water yet you dont die. Like you cant catch that breathe but you dont die. And you will go in this cycle whre you can not relax and catch that yawn. ... (2 replies)
... The thing is, is that it does not actually feel like I need more oxygen. ITs feels more like there is a discomfert that needs relaxing. Each time I am able to yawn it gives such a great feeling. ... (4 replies)
... All my life, when it comes I just have to relax and yawn deep. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 , sometimes 10. But it alwyas went away after that till the next time. Recently I had an attach of it that did not go away. ... (4 replies)
... I have a similar problem and found advice that helped. The problem was I could not breathe deeply because I did not exhale properly. My lungs were full of old, stale, air, leaving no room for fresh air. I had to learn to exhale completely forcing the old air all the way out till I could not blow air out anymore. Then I slowly started breathing inward deeply. Initially I could... (2 replies)
... Sorry this is so long, but this "breathing problem" had about consumed my life. It makes me moody, irritable, cant exercise and makes me feel tired all the time and the constant need to yawn drives me crazy. ... (14 replies)
Why cant i yawn?
Sep 18, 2009
... why cant i yawn? ... (0 replies)
... When I told the nurse I was having trouble breathing she said "your oxygen lvl is high, your breathing fine, it just feels like you cant breath. ... (2 replies)
... The symptoms that I have are...needing to take deep breaths, but cant. The need to yawn so bad to the point that I gag. After I DO yawn I am light headed. tired sometimes!! Irratated because I cannot yawn!! ... (14 replies)
... you didnt mention the reason you cant get the deep breath. ... (14 replies)
... but its closed. well i have a similar problem. sometimes i have to take a deep breath and then i try yawning. i cant complete my yawn. could it be anxiety? ... (14 replies)
... athing difficulty. i used to be able to hold my breath for almost two minutes. now if i take a breath and hold it,,,in ten seconds im getting head spins. i cant really even go on roller coasters anymore. when i get off of one,,my head keeps spinning for an inordinant amount of time. ... (31 replies)
... I am suffering my second episode of needing to yawn and rarely can. I spend all day gulping for air. ... (1 replies)
... For the past 3 months I have been having this annoying feeling that I keep needing to Yawn or Sigh to try to get a deep breath in. ... (7 replies)

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