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... Hello all, Thank you all for your replies. Here are the items that have cropped up since I last posted. I had a follow up Holter test and guess what, I have SVT. I guess that item is a topic for a different message board here so I won't elaborate on that. They also did a CT scan of my chest and found a bullae (air pocket) in my lung. They say this is very unusual... (8 replies)
... ose symptoms sound very familiar to the ones I have experienced. Irecently became very sick about 2 months ago..thought it was pnemonia. My doc did too ..till my chest xrays revealed some swelling on my chest and dots as you called them. They did a ct and found out it was swelling. ... (8 replies)
... Are you african american or of Irish/european decent? I am asking this cause those symptoms sound pretty much like pulmonary sarcoidosis.(mystery disease) The sx come and go and u usually have pain at rest.The doctor can check for this by checking your ace levels.Just ask. Fatigue,sob,chest discomfort are symptoms. (8 replies)

... labor with my last child. I was 27 at the time, and every time a labor pain would come on, I'd get that flutter feeling, and felt short of breath. ... (8 replies)
... I felt I had to respond because approximately 18 years ago, I went to the doctor for the same reason, I would be laying down, relaxing, and I could feel a flutter like feeling in the center of my chest, right around the heart area, and it too felt like a slight shortness of breath. ... (8 replies)
... Hello all, Starting about a month ago, I began to feel a strange fluttering or pulsating feeling in my chest when I inhale--sort of a shortness of breath feeling. I also felt extremely tired. The feeling went away after a few days so I dismised it as a virus going around. Then a week or so later, the feeling came back for a few days, then went away again. Then the... (8 replies)
... Kind Heart: how old were when you found out you had emphysema? i am having similar symptoms to the ones you had 18 years ago. I am only 29 though. What are the chances of someone my age getting emphysema? (8 replies)
... I'm sorry Ron, I went over your post again and I see where you have already had an x-ray with pending CT scan....please keep us posted and let us know what you find out. (8 replies)
... undefinedundefinedI know of similar symptoms, one year ago,in an active 90 year old woman - except replace fatigue with severe weakness. She was popping her nitroquicks which I thought was not good as she had no pain. After two $8000.00 hospital visits in two weeks it was determined her diastolic blood pressure was too low. That caused fluid buildup in the lungs - thus low... (8 replies)
... If you are coughing even burping with trouble breathing and chest pain take it seriously. Make your doctor do a ct skan. Ask if it could be a blood clot. Make them pursue it until it is ruled out. It could save your life. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for that, I now have both a flutter device and an acapella. ... (7 replies)
... I have tried the Flutter in the past, but found to be of little use. ... (6 replies)
... I use the vest mainly. I use a flutter valve occasionally but I do not like that it's so technique dependent. Sometimes too I use a giant exercise ball and just hop around on it..... ... (35 replies)
... Hi Mark, i too am new to this forum. To answer your question, yes physiotherapists do still use and teach percussion but there are other methods of assisting chest clearance which promote more independence and are therefore often more appropriate when someone is *well* with their chronic lung condition. It may be worth you discussing with your doctor a referral to assess... (6 replies)
... tightness, as though my lungs don't wish to expand completely. It comes and goes is not very consistent.This has some what surpassed, but I have had pain in my chest that went from on the left side to teh right side. ... (2 replies)
... Tingling sounds like nerve entrapment, maybe in the brachial plexis area. spasms in the vein can also be the muscle so don't freak out. Is it a painful spasm or flutter as you call it? ... (1 replies)
... No news yet. If the biopsy happens to come out negative, my doctor has no idea why I'm getting recurrent infections. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through so much pain with your sinuses. Does the surgery help? I wish you luck with it. By the way, what is sinuneb? My sinus infection is worse in the maxillary area than the ethmoids. I also have blocked... (35 replies)
... I have the Flutter also which I find is very technique dependent. I've never tried the Acapella but it's less technique dependent from what I read. The trick to chest pt is to find what you are comfortable with. You will be much more likely to be compliant. ... (35 replies)
... hello everyone, :wave: because of disability someone suggested I might want to try something called a "flutter valve", since have no to pound on sides,back,chest to loosen congestion from lung walls can someone tell excatly what this machine does or how it works never heard of it, thanks, 'jaz" (3 replies)

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