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... But during the four weeks I was ill before they were found I also had a chest infection. During this time I kept telling the drs my breathing is not right, and it still isnt and I dont know what to make if this? ... (0 replies)
... I don't know what you mean exactly by "scope with pleurodesis", but the surgery wasn't made using a scope. It was a normal surgery in which the doctor made a chest surgery and removed all those blebs. ... (3 replies)
... What surgery did you have exactly? scope with pleurodesis? I had a thoracotomy with pleurodesis abrasion and bleb stitching in 1975 (so major chest surgery with long and painful recovery) ...I get knocking feeling along the incision area. Probably the area rubbing against my ribs that were removed and wired back in. Where exactly are you having that feeling? at the... (3 replies)

... Hello, I had a pneumothorax surgery 3 weeks ago in my left lung and everything went well. But few days ago I started feeling like something is knocking my left lung when I breath. This feeling goes and then returns again. The doctor told me that the pain is normal after surgery, but honestly I am worried. The most annoying thing is when I try to sleep on my back I... (3 replies)
... I was now in stage one respiratory distress, I was Hypoxic!!! Had blood tests, chest xray and still nothing showed up, they were still going to try the asthmas route, and I got bloody angry as I knew I was in serious trouble. ... (12 replies)
... ray or scan of your chest and lungs. ... (12 replies)
... I've taken prednisone and antibiotics and still not doing any better. I know that my chest xrays came back and the Dr says my lungs sound clear, but from my understanding alot of people that have bad COPD have clear xrays right? ... (5 replies)
Could it be COPD?
Aug 31, 2014
... of breathe and chest tightness off and on that can last minutes, hours and even days, but now for the last 3 weeks straight I've been having shortness of breath, chest tightness and asthma a attacks everyday. ... (5 replies)
... not just the chest area? ... (12 replies)
... After a trip to the ER a week ago, I was diagnosed with pleurisy. At the time, I was extremely uncomfortable and couldn't lay down, and was breathing shallowly as every breath made it worse. I don't know how to explain the feeling I have had with it, but it is not the typical sharp pain I understand most people get with pleurisy, but the discomfort was just as bad as any pain... (0 replies)
... Back in October of last year I went to the Dr for mild chest pains and shortness of breath and was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism that was so small that they weren't even she that's what it was. ... (2 replies)
... Hi guys, well yesterday was he worst day, I felt awful so I rang for the dr to come out, but as it was bank holiday no drs are working. I rung the hospital non urgent line and they told me I needed to go see a dr miles away, well I am breathless just walking to the toilet so I told them I don't drive so I can't go anywhere, so they said they would send a dr to my house, which... (12 replies)
... ote that post earlier I felt awful, and I ended up falling asleep like I was drugged. I just felt so out of it. I have now had something to eat and drink, but my chest is very sore so have taken painkillers. ... (12 replies)
... effort to breathe through this wheeze. Dr said I had a mild chest infection and Pleurisy, but im feeling awful, I am so very breathless every time I move or even cough. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for responding. I got a copy of my radiology notes and am working on a referral. :) Interestingly enough, the notes from the radiologist said nothing about bronchial thickening, although the ER doc mentioned it. The notes said "Chest sits to the left, due to pectus excavatum deformity. Having pectus excavatum explains the right lung base findings. Allowing for... (6 replies)
... I went to the ER last night, for back pain and a tight chest. Naturally they assumed cardiac issues, and tested me for a heart attack and did a chest X-ray. It all came back fine, and my blood tests were all normal. The ER doc did say my lungs showed some bronchiole thickening. But he didn't expand on that, and when they discharged me they the paperwork said "X-ray =... (6 replies)
... When I was little I used to get terrible awful illnesses every winter that resulted in a trip to the ER because I physically could not breath. I didn't have asthma but I can't remember what the disorder was called. It would happen in the middle of the night as I woke up gasping for air. I was a premie if that means anything. I'm 16 now and this winter it reoccurred. The... (1 replies)
Pneumonia shock
Aug 17, 2014
... Most people get a repeat chest X-ray 3-4 weeks after treatment to make sure it has cleared up. You can also tell by the return of normal behavior, no fever, cough subsiding, etc. if he had no symptoms at all besides confusion, I would be concerned that this may be more complicated than a simple pneumonia, and definitely get a repeat chest X-ray and oxygen measurement on finger... (1 replies)
... Hi...good to hear you have a specialist's appointment soon. I do hope that it'll be indepth enough to give a diagnosis, or at least something continuing to lead to one. Please give an update for that appointment. I'll continue to be subscribed to this thread. q (6 replies)
... So, I got a referral for the 20th, with a doctor who is affiliated with the hospital I went to, so he can easily access the Xray and files. He will see if he thinks it needs to be pursued more or not. Fingers crossed it's just some mild Asthma! (6 replies)

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