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... like feeling I have in my left chest area. Sleeping on my left side provokes more difficulty breathing and chest pain. Thank you very much for the insight! ... (5 replies)
... Having chest pain with deep inspiration is typical of pleurisy, and having it over a long time doesn't not rule it out, but makes an autoimmune inflammatory disorder more likely if that is what it is. It is often a sharp, stabbing, sudden pain, not a dull ache. There is no good way to diagnose it other than the classic pain with inspiration. (3 replies)
... weeks. More common in smokers, and after a viral infection. Can be related to autoimmune disorders that cause inflammation. A chest CT scan rules out most serious issues, especially if done with contrast. If you have pain with inspiration, research pleurisy a bit, and see if that fits. ... (3 replies)

... ng feels completely normal on the right. I've been to multiple doctors who haven't been able to tell me much. I've had a lung capacity test, a 24 hour ekg, and a chest ct scan. All were normal except the ekg which shows a right bundle branch block. I was told this is benign and probably wouldn't be causing my symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... I have a chest discomfort on my left side. ... (5 replies)
... bleach while cleaning carpets a week ago, still burning in chest area. I called poison control, no breathing issues, just burning. I called doctor and got pain pills which help but still the burn. Any advise? ... (6 replies)
Chest pain
Oct 17, 2015
... I don't have cold but have another lung condition from being born at 28 weeks I've had the same thing happen with the chest pain my docs told me it was just my lungs not heart (2 replies)
... Hi I'm a 33 year old female who has been getting these symptoms for around 10 years now. I get a really sharp intermittent stabbing pain in the centre of my chest. It can last up to 24 hours or as little as an hour. With this, I find it difficult to breathe, have a cough and belch. The pain is so severe that I went to A&E the other day. They ran an ECG and it was normal.... (1 replies)
... and the cough is harsh. She says the vomiting is mostly phlegm but at times a yellow colored fluid and it will come on suddenly out of the blue. The pain in the chest and abdomen is worse if she bends forward, too. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 24 and I've been moderately active with aerobics, I did a treadmill test and xrays a week ago and the doctors said everything is clear even though after the treadmill test it was difficult for me to breathe and i began to cough. I caught a bad cold some three weeks ago but now when I exercise I feel the tightening of my chest; I cough a lot and it seems I have stuff to... (2 replies)
... Hi all I am just wondering if anyone out there has had symptoms like chest tightness, back pain , thick plem , breathlessness and severe fatigue when exposed to irritants like perfume , detergents , strong smells , cooking smells and hairspray - this has been happening to me for the past 4 years and have had various tests done but show nothing - I am finding that I cannot... (0 replies)
Chest pain
Oct 17, 2015
... I would make sure it's not the heart first off, then once that is ruled out maybe see a GI doctor for possible Gerd or reflux. (2 replies)
Help please!
Oct 13, 2015
... Hi everyone. First post. First some background. I'm a 35 year old male in relatively good health. I'd estimate that I'm 25 lbs overweight. As an infant I had whooping cough. Growing up I had mild Asthma and took Ventolin and Becklovent. I smoked on and off from ages 15-30 (about 1/2 pack per day) with a few 1 year quits in between. I didn't use any asthma meds from age... (1 replies)
Lung nodule
Oct 12, 2015
... I just got out of the hospital after having 2 compression fractures in my vertebraes. A chest X-ray indicates I have a large nodule in my right upper lung. The nodule is 17-20 mm. The radiologist report says it was not there in February. Xray report says. "Nodule appears in right lung base. A full scan is suggested for baseline purposes. Follow-up studies should be... (0 replies)
Pain in lungs
Oct 7, 2015
... I cannot tolerate exercise anymore I get breathless, my chest is always tight and have thick plem that I cannot get off my chest. ... (2 replies)
Chest pain
Oct 2, 2015
... I used my nebulizer as usual this am. Wasn't feeling better from it so since the medics and docs have given me 2 and 3 back to back I decided to use it again. Felt like I was having a heart attack or something. Severe pain! It subsided but I've done it before so I'm not sure what happened. I won't be doing it again..but just wondering what happened if anybody knows. Oh... (2 replies)
... -Shortness of breath while sitting, eating, doing anything. -excessive sighing and yawning (without getting the "full" feeling in my lungs) -burning sensation in my chest (only a spot between my breasts where i imagine the "bridge" between the lungs are) -dizzyness I have been to my doctor twice in less than a week for breathing treatments (one time i just about... (5 replies)
... Dears I need a consultation in a case which is happening to me and getting me confused. I am 30 years old smoker but not heavy , with no disease , in May 2015 a 3 cm lung mass was detected in my left lung , after many tests from many doctors they classified it as benign Hamartoma , but the classification came from the mass characteristics , they could not take a biopsy... (0 replies)
Pleurisy treatment
Sep 25, 2015
... I have been told by a pulmonary specialist that only reason I am not able to pass breathing test could be dry pleurisy. This was back in the 90s. Now the chest and back pain has become constant again with the addition of shortness of breath. I got primary Dr to give me a prescription of QVar, for it helped in the past. ... (0 replies)
Pnuemothorax 30%
Sep 22, 2015
... Pnuemothorax treated at the ER with a chest tube followed by 5 days in the hospital. I found out at the same time I have pneumonia. I was given tons of antibiotics at home and hospital. ... (0 replies)

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