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... My most recent problem started last Saturday. I woke up with shortness of breath. I assumed I had a chest cold because my kids had one earlier in the week. Even speaking full sentences made me need to take an extra breath. ... (0 replies)
... help but I had to stop because it gave me really really bad unbearable heartburn. Another note to add, whenever I run it feels like there is a ROCK sitting in my chest after about five minutes. It's painful and it is hard to breathe. Is it possible that I do have asthma and the allergist missed it? ... (4 replies)
... Hi...maybe you're in the beginning stages of pneumonia that's affecting a small area. For some people, the symptoms aren't that noticeable. If you do have what's called walking pneumonia, it is contagious...and good you're being monitored. Have you had any chest x-rays in the past? and was anything ever seen on them, even the slightest bit? You can check into getting a... (26 replies)

... ray number 2 still shows spots on my right lung. I am now waiting for an appointment for a chest CT but until then I am nervous over what might be causing spots on my lung. ... (26 replies)
... Im very anxious person and i dont know exactly when it started but its been around since august 2014 but back then it wasn't as intense as now. In february this year i had blood work, no vitamins and iron included, only sedimentation rate and 2 other things (can't remember) & doc didn't think x-ray was necessary. Eh...hope i'll convince myself to go to doc, if i wanted... (5 replies)
... Are you going through a very anxious time recently? And when did this start? Have you had a complete blood work-up done, vitamin b levels and especially vitamin d and iron? and a chest x-ray? Its not normal to yawn or take in that many deep breaths...hope your doctor gives more insight as to what's going on. q (5 replies)
... Did your doctor do a chest xray first? ... (1 replies)
... The top of my lung is also stitched to the chest wall..but I guess collapse can happen at any angle. ... (24 replies)
... It's possible that during the pleurodesis that some areas were abraded maybe too thinly where blebs may have been and air is between the lung and chest wall tissues. The pleurodesis is supposed to keep the lung from collapsing, but maybe there's a small amount of air in a very small area causing that sound. ... (24 replies)
... Hi...yeah, it was my fault to not have checked to receive notice. Fluid will show on x-ray. Sometimes I have clicking sounds in my lower chest, but that's probably muscle rubbing against the rib (the one I had removed and replaced/stapled/wired back in place) considering there's change in the structure a bit from incision and stitching back. Do you have a stethoscope? ... (24 replies)
... There could be some air bubbles going through your chest between the tissues that will eventually dissipate. I used to get them, but they were painful. ... (24 replies)
... Hello I have had a wheezing sound that seems to be heard after a chronic cough attack in 2011 It seems to come from the throat. The right side of the larynx doesn't feel right and I have quite a lot of throat clearing of mucus on that side I also have the feeling it only happens on moderate to forceful exhalation and seems to be only heard when my mouth is open. I have... (3 replies)
Bochdalek's hernia
Apr 14, 2016
... Good to hear all is clean regarding polyps/precancer. Sad when it's a family thing, but a major plus you were checked. How often are your c-scopes? and what area was the resection? Yes, the collapsed lung....happened in 1974 and 1975 3 times before I was hospitalised Sept '75. Definitely painful, and I collapsed 3 times after the tubings, so had to have the surgery. At... (13 replies)
Bochdalek's hernia
Apr 13, 2016
... Your recovery through all your surgeries must have been very painful. I've had major chest surgery for a collapsed lung and a hysterectomy...I can relate through those and pain meds definitely helped. ... (13 replies)
... crunchy feeling in my chest when I bend over and breathe deeply. ... (24 replies)
... I have had two CT scans in three weeks. Both showed pneumonia in left lung. My question is how can I have pneumonia without any of the usual symptoms? I have no cough, spitting up gunk, or a fever! What I do have shortness of breath and hurts to take breathing. As of last night I started feeling like there were bubbles and when I laid on that side it felt like I squashed... (1 replies)
... (26 replies)
... (26 replies)
... Well, it is Monday morning and I am hoping to hear something today. I'll probably leave soon as I want to stop at a store near the hospital. Then I will call to see if results are ready and, if so, stop in to pick them up. I doubt that i will hear from my doctor until afternoon so I may see the results before the office calls me. I have a cell phone so they will be... (26 replies)
... Have a good day...sounds like you'll be very busy. Makes sense to put out another thread related to the hernia since that's what's going on. Thanks...I'll keep up with it there. q (26 replies)

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