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... I am a 26 year old female and i have become quite worried as I have had a constant feeling of chest pressure on my left side for 7 weeks now. It feels like i cant breathe but an able to get a full breath. ... (0 replies)
... I have had constant chest pressure for almost 2 years now. At least a year ago I had a stress test which ruled out a heart problem. My father just passed away from pumonary fibrosis. ... (3 replies)
... ter the dry cough started, i have a tight thoat and Hoarseness. i also started seeing blood in my phelm and when i blow my nose. the blood is bright red. i had a chest xray done and it came back with out any abnormalities. my dr. thinks its gerd and i have been on antacids for about 2 weeks. i have no relief as of yet. ... (8 replies)

... A few days back, I had a "bubble" in the center of my chest, almost like the need to burp. It would go away and come back, but the pressure was so bad it would stop me in my tracks. ... (0 replies)
... i did do some reading on the scarring of lungs(pulmonary Fibrosis) can my situation get worst? my dr says not to worry, he said he didnt see the actual cat scan images yes, but just read the report. the report said i had a mild scarring on top of one of my lungs. this is pretty frightening. can the other symptoms all be related to this? constant pressure in chest... (8 replies)
... had to travel home to my country to receive proper medicalk attention! started with strong flu a year ago which developed the constant cough. ... (1 replies)
... m wearing a very tight bra. I also have a poking feeling as though someone is poking me in my right lung. These symptoms have been pretty much constant for two months. I first noticed this two months ago when I was at home. ... (1 replies)
... when you have trouble breathing...nothing else seems to matter. Tried my .5 Xanax last night...took it about 9 pm. Not sure it did much good...still felt that pressure on my chest..and required deep breaths. Still working on the apple cider vinegar. I will solve this problem no matter what it takes. ... (30 replies)
... I'd seek another opinion too - though having a normal PFT is a great sign! Best of luck and God bless, Jeff (8 replies)
... thanks for the reply jeff. i did see a specialist and he is the one who had me take the cat scan. my PFT was ok. my doctor does not seem to concerned about this. he just told me, he does not think the lung scarring is causing my symtoms. i think i should find a new dr. i left his sectretary 2 messages over 3 days ago. the dr. has not returned my phone call yet. ... (8 replies)
... Scaring and cancer are not tied to one another, or in other words scaring won't cause cancer. There are lots of things that can cause scaring in the upper lung area. I know bronchitis is one, and other similar traumas to the lungs. In my case the scaring is noticible on x-ray in the lower lobes, especially in the right lung, but a biopsy shows that the scaring is through... (8 replies)
... i took the cat scan and the dr said i had mild lung scaring on top of one of my lungs. he said i shouldn't worry about this.. does anyone know what can cause lung scaring and should i be concerned about cancer? thanks (8 replies)
... I'll watch for your update :) Jeff (8 replies)
... thanks jeff, i will be going to a specialist in 2 days.. i will post an update. (8 replies)
... No guesses beyond GERD but I would strongly suggest you stop smoking completely, and the binge drinking will affect your immune system... good luck! Jeff (8 replies)
... Chest tightness and pressure is what I felt two weeks ago as well as pain with movement and breathing. I was put on prednisone, had normal chest x ray and EKG. ... (30 replies)
... I was given a ventolin inhaler which does little other than making me tachycardic and shaky, and I'm on propranolol which helps with the heart rate but my blood pressure is low as it is so they're not ideal. I struggle on days when I don't take the propranolol. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, thanks again for the response. To answer your questions, my actual pneumothorax on the left side was about 13 years ago, and healed itself. It was definately different and worse than what I'm having now. I had sharper pain, and felt winded all day, and it wasn't worse in the morning for example. It healed itself. I had no procedure done for it. Again, I've had like 3 chest... (10 replies)
... nerves. Lately, it's been pretty reactive. The other evening I was laying down on the couch watching TV and had that familiar sensation across my chest and across my throat of pressure...and of course, you know the first thought was lung. ... (10 replies)
... meds they gave me and felt better after a week. I was back on my normal routine.. work, school, all the fun stuff. After about two weeks I started to have slight chest pressure again and thought it was bronchitis.. i decided to wait another week and i still felt it so i went to the doctor... ... (0 replies)

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