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... a minute and is also forgetful. He arrived yesterday and his girlfriend said he had to stop the car as he was yawning so much and then forgot the way to our house. ... (1 replies)
... I'm a 35 year old female and for the last couple of years I have been having breathing problems. I feel like I can't get a good, deep breath in. Yawning seems to help but not all of the time. Sometimes I feel like no air is going in and I get tingly all over. ... (1 replies)
... Im suffering from this urge of taking deep breaths and yawning all the day from last 5 months. ... (7 replies)

... or the past 6 months to a year I have been getting it every single day and basically all day. It used to be that I would constantly be taking in deep breaths and yawning and most of the time I would get some relief after doing this. ... (6 replies)
... its symptoms being things like air hunger, constant yawning, chest disconfort, anxiety... ... (5 replies)
... HI,:wave: For the last year, every minute i feel the need to take a deep breath or a yawn with no satisfaction,i dont feel the air go dawn into my lungs.Even when i try to yawn I can not ,I stop in the middle of the yawn. When successful take a deep breath or a yawn i feel satisfaction for 30 seconds then the sensation return. Another symptoms:tingling in... (2 replies)
... worse and worse to the point where I was needing to take a deep breath every few breaths but finding that only about 1 in 5 actually did the job. I also had the constant yawning but no coughing. The strain of trying to take a deep breath is actually starting to hurt my chest. Never had this problem before in my life! ... (4 replies)
... (57 replies)
Trouble Breathing
Feb 29, 2008
... rong. We researched every disease possible no matter how rare it was and tested for all we could. My mother thought I wasn't getting enough sleep because of my constant yawning, but I was sleeping fine. ... (57 replies)
Jan 20, 2006
... WOW!!! I'm sure glad to find this site. Like so many of you I really thought I was alone in this. I thought for a while there I was going to lose my mind. I was so bad that I wound up in the Emergeny Room twice - I felt like I couldn't get those deep breaths. They sent me home and said it was anxiety. From there it was doctor to doctor - test after test. It took months... (36 replies)
... For the last 11+ months, I've had breathing problems. At first I thought it was related to the cold weather but it has continued right throughout the year. I'm a 22 year old man, 14 stone, donítí smoke and have a simple life. These are my symptoms: - I'm unable to take a 'full' breath. Whenever I try to breathe in deep, it feels like I've got 90% of the way there but can't... (3 replies)
... Just about everytime I drink a soda, ESP one out of the can, I will have trouble taking a breath for a few days. Including difficultly yawning and sometimes with rapid heart beats. ... (14 replies)
... am desparate to figure out what is wrong because it is so uncomfortable of a feeling. I am so tired when I have these bouts because I can't sleep. It is not a constant problem, though. ... (14 replies)
... its nice that you posted trying to help the rest of us, but i'm not buying it for a minute. nor am i going to put my faith in any book that supposedly "teaches" one how to breath correctly. i have not taken Nsaids for at least 10 years. i have had this problem on and off since 2003 and am at my wits end. i am not anemic and over the years have been normal weight or... (35 replies)
... After years of suffering from the constant need to yawn and struggling to get a full breath of air, I FINALLY HAVE MY ANSWER! ... (35 replies)
... it seems to be a constant feeling of tightness in my throat and trouble getting a deep breath . ... (20 replies)
Air Hunger
Dec 14, 2006
... very frusterating. I am a 27 year old female smoked on and off when i did quite it still never went away. Mine statred out in April so I have been suffering with constant air hunger for over 8 months now and it is so frustrating. Dr. ... (26 replies)
... did cardioecho and EKG, didn't find anything wrong with my heart. Recently my SOB symptom got worse, the worst time is after 6 pm, when i was driving home, kept yawning to get air. after I got home, eat dinner, i felt better. Sounds like acid reflux, aha? ... (2 replies)
... hello, i am new to this board and glad to see to that so many other people experience the same problems as I. I have been suffering with the "difficulty" breathing for almost 2 years now. Sometimes I think it is gone, but soon find out that it is still hanging around, strong as ever. It almost feels as though someone is sitting on my chest, so that I am not able to... (0 replies)
... jboon, your message was very helpful! i have had this problem for 4 years, and it is so elusive! i have the exact symptoms you do. lately it has gotten much better, but i am so worried it will come back. it seems as if i have no control over how bad it gets, very strange. i have been doing breathing exercises and i am getting much better, i am not sure if it is the... (4 replies)

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