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Copd is a bummer
Apr 14, 2015
... Try taking the herb Boswellia and Turmeric. This is a natural approach and is suppose to be an anti-inflammatory. I just ordered some from Puritans Pride. Hopefully it will help. Good luck! (1 replies)
Copd is a bummer
Apr 10, 2015
... especially with a flare of costochronditis anyone know of anti- inflammatories that do not thin the blood cannot take the nsaids due to liver condition (1 replies)
... I've had pain in my chest just under my left breast lasting now for ten days. It comes and goes. I've had it before, but this is the worst case. Best guess is that pain is caused by inflamation of cartilage between ribs. A condition called Costochronditis. The condition generally comes about as a result of past trauma to the rib cage (I had heart surgery requiring rib... (3 replies)

... Well, I have no information to "help" you out, in fact you sound WAY more knowledgeable than me. I discovered your post this evening while scanning the net for symptoms that led me to the same question you posted regarding WHAT you thought your issues may be. I have not yet been to the doctor, as my first in about 20 yrs concerns started about 2 hours ago. I too caught... (6 replies)
... If the x-ray was clear it is unlikely you have pneumonia or anything like that. Pleurisy is unlikely to show up on an x-ray but can usually be heard by the Doctor with a stethoscope. However, Pleural Effusion can sometimes be seen on an x-ray. That's where the space between the pleura fills with liquid. As for your pain, if it is localized and you can literally point to it... (6 replies)
... first let me say i'm on coumadine for a blood clotting disorder, so meds are few and far between for me because of theinteraction of coumadine with so many other drugs. i have had a virus for onve 3 weeks now, one which included a severe sore throat at first. then it moved to my nose and ears. now i have a persistent and phlegmy cough. i also have a severe pain in my rib... (6 replies)
... I don't recall any tests, and your right it wasn't dry pleurisy. I could pick out the painful spots in the ribs easily but the deeper pain was more general... Redusing the cough helped with the ribs eventually and time and anti-inflamitories did the rest for me. Best of luck, Jeff (6 replies)
... Hi Jeff, What tests were you given to diagnose pleurisy? (Actually, from what you have described, you had pleural effusion which is when the space between the pleura get filled with liquid. Dry pleurisy is where the pleura get inflamed and rub against each other causing pain.) I guess my situation is different in that I didn't/don't have a chest infection and my cough... (6 replies)
... Many years ago I had a bought of pleurisy after bronchitis and the feeling was one that I've not forgotten. As you may know pleurisy is a fancy name for a swelling on the sack around your heart, and is cause vy excess fluid built up there. My cough from the bronchitis had persisted and been rather sevier causeing bruising of the muscles in my ribs on the left side. The more... (6 replies)
... Sorry for the long post! I am a 44 year old male. I was a light smoker in my 20s and early 30s (less than 9 pack years) and I quit completely nearly ten years ago. Over a month ago, I caught a nasty cold from one of my daughters who picked it up at day care. Sore throat, cough, congestion, etc. lasted nearly two weeks. It then turned into sinusitis, so I saw my Dr. and... (6 replies)

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