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... I am writing this for my wife. She has a cough that does not go away. She spits up clear mucus and hurts all over from the coughing. ... (1 replies)
... othing abnormal , also lymph nodes are fine and the mass is same as previous size as the doctor stated. My next CT will be on 24 October. I have no symptoms . no cough or blood, no shortness of breath no abnormal sounds in the lung. ... (0 replies)
Pnuemothorax 30%
Sep 22, 2015
... onia. I was given tons of antibiotics at home and hospital. I am still having some minor pain, and discomfort. My main concern is my lungs feel like I need to cough something up, I have a horrible migraine and just feel sick all the way around. ... (0 replies)

... sharp intermittent stabbing pain in the centre of my chest. It can last up to 24 hours or as little as an hour. With this, I find it difficult to breathe, have a cough and belch. ... (1 replies)
... Productive Cough with with white or yellow sputum, leading to vomiting at times, no blood. ... (0 replies)
... Hello I'm 20 and just wondering if someone can help I have had a constant cough for about 12 months it first started when I was pregnant I constantly cough up phlegm mostly clear and white it's worst in the mornig and the night time. ... (1 replies)
... I waited 10 months after seeing my 1st pulmonologist for cough and SOB on moderate exertion (2 months after jogging 4x per week.) I was told I was too heavy and that's all that my problem was. Even after explaining I had lost 20 lbs since jogging. So, I ended up losing almost 60 lbs total, and breathing was worse. Saw a new pulmonologist, my lung capacity was less than half... (0 replies)
... I cough a lot and it seems I have stuff to cough out. It feels like it's thick and solid. This hasn't happened before and it's come out of no where... ... (2 replies)
... ould wait to see what your PFT show and if you get improvement in PFT measures with bronchodilator, and go from there. Many things can cause shortness of breath, cough and chest discomfort, so look at cardiac causes if no respiratory causes are identified. ... (5 replies)
... Anyway, I am a 45-year-old woman. I'm getting a PFT on Tuesday to figure out why I am short of breath. I just hate waiting, though! Best case scenario is asthma but that involves "attacks" and I don't think I'm having those. I am having shortness of breath every time I take a few steps but it doesn't feel like sudden attacks, more like a gradual build up. I can't do anything... (5 replies)
... It feels tight, I cough a lot sometimes I wheeze. When I normalise my chest feels like there is sputum to cough and spit out but it doesn't really come out. ... (2 replies)
Steam Inhaler
Aug 22, 2015
... ried a Vicks steam inhaler. I had a hard time sleeping because of my breathing. Finally gave up sleeping and when I got up had a coughing spell and managed to cough up a large mucus plug. Afterwards I felt better and was breathing easier. ... (0 replies)
Bronchiectasis ?
Aug 18, 2015
... well, still having on-going daily fevers and no answer yet. A new PFT shows increase in lung capacity and decrease in expiratory volume. This time it showed a response to the bronchodilator--back in Dec. I didn't respond to the bronchodilator. No treatment, though. My dr. says the result is "normal" and that the decrease in expiratory volume (I was 48% of normal) was... (10 replies)
... e In the morning and one in the evening. I'm taking 1 tablet of Montelukast Sod Tabs 10mg daily in the evening which opens up my bronchial tubes and my chronic cough a throat clearing is almost gone! ... (1 replies)
... It sounds like a thyroid problem. It can be as simple as taking thyroid medications. My wife had something similar and now she is doing great. Good luck. (1 replies)
... If you don't believe that you just caught a cold or something I would go to your dr. and discuss seeing a pulmonologist or cardiologist if you don't already. (1 replies)
... OMG, get off of Eliquis. I was diagnosed in March with bilateral PE's, (after being misdiagnosed with anxiety for 6 weeks). Anyways, Eliquis did nothing for me. Im super scared I am only 27 (was really fit and healthy before this) and can barely do anything normal (let alone run like I used to). How are you doing now? Are, you better? (1 replies)
... 36 yr old female. Have been smoking for 15 years, first 10 years 10-12 cigs a day; last 5 years a pack a day. I've always had problems with lingering bronchitis, even as a child. Had a really bad bout of bronchitis about 2 years ago. It lasted about 4 months. Soon after recovering I noticed that I was coughing up brown specks in my phlegm. I quit smoking 1 year ago. Still... (0 replies)
... ne, lungs are always clear, but she horrible coughing fits EVERY DAY. I am a nurse and have dealt with every lung disorder you can imagine and have never heard a cough like this. ... (0 replies)
... The cough that goes along with that a permanent thing or will it go away? ... (0 replies)

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