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... The doctor said that the Asthma would only occur during the Bronchitis, and not otherwise. ... (5 replies)
... Nighttime coughing attacks can be a sign of Asthma, I can be fine all day then because of heating,or bedroom dust etc. My asthma will kick in and I wake coughing . The nighttime coughing was my first sign of Asthma at age 36. ... (5 replies)
... I too have been getting up recently in the middle of the night with violent coughs. The only thing that has helped is a quater glass of very hot milk. It sothes my throat and opens up my nose. ... (5 replies)

... I was wondering if anyone has this problem and what it could be. During the night I wake up coughing. I have sinus problems and have drainage go down the back of my throat, but it doesn't feel like that. ... (5 replies)
... I have just read a thread of coughing up phlegm. I have been doing this for 30 years and the Doctor's just ignore what I say or dismiss it as nothing. ... (0 replies)
... Maybe it is just allergy drainage. I don't know. But why no coughing and why just one side. Also, during the day I have soreness in my left upper back almost feels muscular. It's like a dull ache. ... (10 replies)
... My coughs started the day after halloween. The night before, I was at a house party where a lot of people smoke. However I do not smoke. From that day, I have been coughing. ... (1 replies)
... has started coughing again, but this is a little different from the others. He started abot 2 weeks ago, coughing a few times during the night, nothing major. It has slowly, very slowly progressed to a non stop runny nose, and increased coughing fits during the night. No wheezing yet. ... (0 replies)
... cs which have worked, and he'sn't had a cigarette for a week. However, because mucus seems to gather ohn his chest more when he lies down, he wakes up constantly during the night coughing. Can any one advise me how long the coughing discomfort is likely to go on? ... (1 replies)
... law is 75 and nobody in the family is really comfortable with that diagnosis. He feels tired during the day and says it's from not sleeping well at night due to the coughing, but it seems more like fatigue to us than sleepiness. ... (3 replies)
... it. The mucous in my lungs will come out pretty good if I lay down with my feet higher than my head. I do worry about it because it does come up into my throat during the night and when I drool I am sure it is going under my neck and I am getting some strange little places that is leaving a scar under my neck. ... (1 replies)
... Same as night before, only a little more pronounced. ... (3 replies)
... hortly after the decadron dose I developed an awful cough and lung pain. Really bad lung pain right in the center of my chest, right between my breasts. I wasn't coughing anything up and my face was bright red from broken blood vessels since I was coughing so much. So I went back to the ER Wednesday night. ... (0 replies)
Chronic Cough
Nov 8, 2013
... aid down, propped myself up and didn't get the cough, now get it even when propped up. Husband became very annoying always complaining when I started coughing. A coughing fit can go on for up to 30 minutes straight. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, November 22 I started having a cough, the 1st few days was just a little cough, with in that week I started coughing really hard and alot throughout the day and night. ... (3 replies)
... dirty air on subway which I had started traveling on during the previous six months. ... (0 replies)
... m going to ignore because I know I haven't got the breath or energy to do them all. I have trouble raising my voice loudly enough to sustain a conversation. I'm coughing occasionally during the day, but pretty much every night until I take cough medication to deal with it. My chest hurts on and off. ... (5 replies)
... I lay flat on my back for a few minutes and I take a deep breath, the same thing happens. It doesn't happen if I lay on my stomach or my side and doesn't happen during the day when I'm up and moving. It's really just my first breath after sleeping all night and if I lay on my back for awhile. Any idea what this could be? ... (7 replies)
... I appreciate that. I only have coughing fits at night when I try to take a deep breath after awaking. ... (13 replies)
Advice needed
Nov 28, 2011
... I have mild COPD, sometimes it is worse than other times. So far I haven't had to use a inhaler/or any meds. Daily exercise helps (but before you start any kind of exercise ask your doctor first). I find when I get out of breath a cup of strong hot coffee helps, it helps you to cough the phlem up and you can breath easier. A healthy diet helps. Cutting down on sugar... (4 replies)

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