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... hat is was not detected. The infectious disease doctor and the lung doctor have decided that they will not do anything further until I get worse coughing up a lot of blood, etc. So I will not be going back on the antibiotics, etc. that I was on originally for the MAC. ... (5 replies)
Mar 27, 2005
... Have you had any luck so far? My husband coughs up grayish-brown looking mucus in the AM. He says its sticky like a clam, sometimes shortness of breath. Sometimes throughout the day he'll cough up what looks like a foam ball that's sticky. Any idea what could be going around? (2 replies)
Mar 13, 2005
... I get bronchitis frequently but right now I dont feel sick. I do have bad asthma right now and Im coughing up mucus. It is very thick and sticky but its cloudy white, not clear. Im used to green but cloudy, thick white is different to me. ... (2 replies)

Mar 5, 2005
... I ended up getting more antibiotics and after coughing up another bucket o' green stuff, I think I am finally on the road to recovery. ... (4 replies)
... after being off the antibiotic for a week I started getting that "heavy" feeling in my chest again. I also started coughing up green junk again, so I went back on antibiotics. I got a stronger dose this time around. I am feeling better today than I have in a long time. ... (4 replies)
... I have something very similar.... It started about 4 days ago, I woke up and coughed the usual junk out of my throat (I tend to sleep with my mouth open), and took a shower as I always did, but when I got out and "hacked" some phlegm into the sink I noticed it had very dark blood in it. So I assumed it was from my sinus (I blew my nose right away and there was blood in it),... (17 replies)
... old, healed infection, possibly MAC. CTscans show my MAC to be stable so far, so I am not on any medications, other than occaisional Zithromax whenever my pale green sputum turns dark green. ... (5 replies)
... Do you have any sinus issues? I have had this happen before thinking it was coming from my lungs but it is actually post nasal drip. (17 replies)
... Coughing up green stuff means you still have an infection. ... (2 replies)
... I am still coughing soooooo bad and still coughing up green stuff. I go thru these horrible, horrible coughing spells and I puff on my inhaler but it says on the container you can only use it every 4 hrs so if I get in another coughing spell I can't use it. ... (2 replies)
... took antibiotics and a tuberculosis medicine from July 2003 to Sept. 2004 for that. The doctor took me off the medicine but I think I still have the MAC. I was coughing mostly at night because I would have a tickle in the bronchial area and it was hard to get anything up. When I did, it would be a yellowish green color. ... (10 replies)
... My coughing up phlegm etc. out of my lungs is worse since I got off the meds. Right after I get into bed at night I have to keep coughing up the stuff that has accumulated in my bronchial tubes or lungs until I get it all coughed up. Again, I don't know if that is the MAC or bronchieactasis. ... (237 replies)
... the bronchiectasis. I have an appointment to go back for another check in 6 months. My symptoms were a tired feeling and a tickling in my chest and periodically coughing up lumps of the green phlegm which were of a granular substance mostly at night. ... (2 replies)
... my husband was coughing up large amounts of thick,green phlegm around 2 years ago.he went to see a specialist who said it "could be bronchiectasis. ... (2 replies)
... and that sounds like something has calcified. I just wonder if that is what I have been coughing up that is of a granular substance...almost like chalk breaking up into tiny pieces. I asked the doctor if he thought it was mucous plugs and he said yes. ... (104 replies)
... read some information and believe I do only have the one bacteria, the one responsible for MAC. You have three so perhaps that is why you are coughing up green stuff and I don't. ... (104 replies)
... but I put my sputum in the refrigerator for 2 days until my appointment. I rarely cough any phlegm up and if I can it is a muscous plug. My plugs are yellowish green too but they do not have granular stuff in it. Wonder what the granular stuff is you are coughing? ... (104 replies)
... Antibiotic resistance takes many rounds of antibiotics for the bacteria to develop immunity to it. However, you may have caught a bacteria from someone who has been taking many rounds of antibiotics and therefore has developed AB resistance. Have you always gotten a lot of infections? Do you have sinus problems? Sometimes, especially with allergy season in full swing,... (16 replies)
... I'm still occassionally coughing up blood. ... (16 replies)
Bronchitis How
Dec 27, 2003
... t's possible it could be bronchitis, but it's still worth checking out if it happens as often as that. If it lasts longer than ten days, gets worse, or you start coughing up brownish or green sputum, head to the doctor. ... (4 replies)

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