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... I am having difficulty breathing in general. ... (2 replies)
... ile I laugh at how long I have been searching for answers to this problem. I've got another pulmonory function test scheduled, a swallow test and a laparoscopic throat exam within the next month. I doubt they'll find anything and I will be told, as usual, it's all in my head. ... (34 replies)
... Since around the end of March I have been experiencing a fluttery heart beat. I can sometimes feel my pulse in my throat and it feels like my heart skips a beat or has extra beats. Along with that I have difficulty breathing. ... (9 replies)

... rgist suggested that my cough could be caused by acid reflux. However I looked up the symptoms and I don't really have any of them. I don't typically have a sore throat or horse voice. I don't have any burning in my chest or throat. No weird tastes in my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... I am having difficulty breathing in general. ... (7 replies)
... I know this is an old thread but did you ever get a resolution? I'm a 23 year old male and have been experiencing the same symptoms since this past July. I've been to the ER 3 times I've had 4 Chest X Rays, 2 echos, CT Angio with contrast, CTa, 10 EKG's, spirometry test (96% of pred.), tested for Lymes, ANA and had an EGD. Every test came back fine (except for EGD, have... (1 replies)
... So, I still have a little bit of congestion and it seems to get worse randomly. I also am still coughing, and it's almost always at night time or when I have difficulty breathing. ... (1 replies)
... seeming paralysed could be from fatigue of the breathing muscles. Especially since you have swallowing problems as well. ... (34 replies)
... There's alot of people here with alot of the same symptoms. I posted my original complaint in 2009. We're half way through 2011 now and obviously I'm still alive. I have had every test possible performed and my symptoms are no worse. I have had MRI's, CT scans, pulminary function test, lapriscopy of the throat, swallow test, EKG's, sonograms of the corotid arteries,... (34 replies)
... where the acid finds its way much further up the esophagus than regular GERD. It's called "silent" because there often may not be heartburn associated with the throat problems because the acid comes further up. ... (34 replies)
... I am awaiting an appointment with a pulomonologist to have a PFT. I am 40 years old with 4 children. Most of the time I cannot take a good breath and notice my breathing rate is excessive. It is worse when I am sitting and driving in the car. ... (34 replies)
... Wow, it definitely could be epsecitally since I discovered something else today that is very strange - if I press firmly on the part of my neck that is just to the left of the adam's apple area it suddenly seems as though everything clears up: I can get a nice full clean deep breath, the muscles all around there seem to relax, I start to feel much better, etc. I'd love to... (34 replies)
... Sometimes, when your chest is tight, pressing down on your throat can make your lungs feel bigger. Could that be what's going on? ... (34 replies)
... A couple of months later I noticed I was occasionally having difficulty breathing. I felt like I could not get deep breaths down. I began to yawn a lot in order to take deep breaths. ... (0 replies)
... I am 29, and about 60kg overweight, generally healthy (despite the weight)but I have PCOS and a few problems related to this. Also get mild asthma during cold weather or when I have a cold/flu. I have (once again!) started trying to get more active and went for a 1 hour walk this afternoon. It was not fast, and I could still maintain a conversation with my friend, and the... (0 replies)
... My breathing problem both through my nose and mouth started at the same period in seventh grade. ... (2 replies)
... blockage in his breathing passage. He also had throat infections. Look his name up if you want. Put in "John Abraham" and "breathing problem" in a search engine, and something will come up. ... (23 replies)
... and that food DOES get stuck in my throat. In my mind, I'm so used to thinking that the white spots are bacteria, BUT I DO get sick a lot in the winter, and my throat is often red. I am pretty sure that I have "tonsil pockets". ... (23 replies)
... keep up with the best of the rest when we were doing running drills. That was in the winter. Then, I decided to join the track team, and I started to notice a breathing problem, which has seemed to get progressively worse over the years. ... (23 replies)
... years that happens mostly during the cold season. I'll get these attacks where I have difficulty breathing, and I feel like I need to take long, deep breaths, but I can't. ... (0 replies)

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