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... For about a year and a half, I've been having a mysterious breathing problem. ... (0 replies)
... I am having difficulty breathing in general. ... (7 replies)
... On my way home at Durban airport i felt very off and ended up in the airport medical room,they took my blood pressure and it read 236/90 been back nearly two week's now had a home visit from a gp who took more readings the first came out at 190/90 managed to get it down to 159 something she does feel that the abdominal distention and the way i feel so sick n achey along with... (24 replies)

... They go on about anxiety or stress being the cause don't think they quite understand that breathing discomfort whether from my lungs or the rigidness from the abdominal distention creates the anxiety i spent year's believing all was down to ibs or ibd and dietry issues alone now i'm not so sure and think it's more the copd and possibly liver related just how do i get my doctor... (24 replies)
... It may be that the breathing trouble has more than one cause and you need treatment for the COPD separate from figuring out what the abdominal distention is. ... (24 replies)
... Help ? please i hate this breathing stuff (24 replies)
... and that further compromises your breathing issues with COPD. You are young to have all this, and blood tests and an ultrasound or CT scan of abdomen should be done. ... (24 replies)
... an i'm on a symbicort 200 inhaler but it doesn't help much.On holiday in Durban South Africa right now and though i'm having the most wonderful time the heat and breathing troubles is getting to me a little it will be summer in London pretty soon after i get back there. ... (24 replies)
... Have you any ideas what it could be ? i spent many year's thinking it was perhaps more stomach and dietry related such as ibs/ibd had gastroscopes endoscopes sigmoids not sure now if i believe it ever was dietry and think it's more to do with my copd/emphysema have some other stuff such as joint aches tremors and sweats discomfort in heat (24 replies)
... headaches the symptoms are constant even after quitting smoking my abdomen is so bloated it feels rigid and in recent year's my sides feel rigid aswell and the breathing discomfort is making me into a nervous recluse. ... (24 replies)
... ing out with what felt like a rupture in my right side under my ribs and awaking with bloating or distention which has been constant ever since along with severe breathing discomfort. ... (24 replies)
... Actually, that sounds exactly like a reoccurrence of childhood asthma, triggered by your respiratory infection, with a side order of acid reflux. Get to a pulmonologist or allergist. The sooner this is aggressively treated with inhaled steroids the better chance you have of your lungs going back to normal. Also, deal with the reflux. It may have been triggered by all... (7 replies)
... ensation in my windpipe, as if it is scarred or something is abnormal in there. It's very hard to put this particular symptom in to words. But sometimes when I'm breathing it almost feels like it's "bubbling" in there too. But when anyone listens to my chest the breaths are smooth and clean. ... (7 replies)
... My pulmonoligist thinks it is either anxiety or that I should see another heart specialist. Recently went into the water and felt no discomfort being submerged neck deep. However, when I attempted to swim, I found that I could not inhale while exerting myself during the swim. ... (6 replies)
... Hey everyone. Back in August I went to my doctor's office for something other than breathing problems. Well, while I was there, the doctor said I was wheezing. She listened to my lungs and told me they sounded tight. ... (0 replies)
... The tightness and breathing difficulties could be Asthma. ... (1 replies)
... s hard for me to explain the discomfort, but it would be something like if you were breathing really hard outside in the cold, if that makes sense. ... (1 replies)
... In August 2006 I began to have what I would assume bad anxiety (Troubles breathing, chest pain, sensation of throat closing). Went to ER on several occasions with no results. Had tests such as EKG, respitory tests, blood tests, everything showing fine. This was consistent for a long time. My doctor diagnosed me with GERD, I had a camera into my stomach, they came to the... (0 replies)
Nov 19, 2007
... feel like there is someone sat on my cheast which make it difficult for me to breathe. i also have to remember to breathe because i feel as though i have stopped breathing because when i open my eyes i feel frightened because i am aware of something not quite right with me as its waking me up. ... (0 replies)
... I had pneumothorax on my left lung 6 month ago, and some times I wake up in the morning with feeling of intense coldness in my top left lung. I applied heating pad and seems to improve the discomfort. I would suggest chest x-ray, which is relatively cheap, and tells you if you have lung problem that is physical. (6 replies)

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