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... On my way home at Durban airport i felt very off and ended up in the airport medical room,they took my blood pressure and it read 236/90 been back nearly two week's now had a home visit from a gp who took more readings the first came out at 190/90 managed to get it down to 159 something she does feel that the abdominal distention and the way i feel so sick n achey along with... (25 replies)
... They go on about anxiety or stress being the cause don't think they quite understand that breathing discomfort whether from my lungs or the rigidness from the abdominal distention creates the anxiety i spent year's believing all was down to ibs or ibd and dietry issues alone now i'm not so sure and think it's more the copd and possibly liver related just how do i get my doctor... (25 replies)
... It may be that the breathing trouble has more than one cause and you need treatment for the COPD separate from figuring out what the abdominal distention is. ... (25 replies)

... Help ? please i hate this breathing stuff (25 replies)
... and that further compromises your breathing issues with COPD. You are young to have all this, and blood tests and an ultrasound or CT scan of abdomen should be done. ... (25 replies)
... an i'm on a symbicort 200 inhaler but it doesn't help much.On holiday in Durban South Africa right now and though i'm having the most wonderful time the heat and breathing troubles is getting to me a little it will be summer in London pretty soon after i get back there. ... (25 replies)
... Have you any ideas what it could be ? i spent many year's thinking it was perhaps more stomach and dietry related such as ibs/ibd had gastroscopes endoscopes sigmoids not sure now if i believe it ever was dietry and think it's more to do with my copd/emphysema have some other stuff such as joint aches tremors and sweats discomfort in heat (25 replies)
... Also an ex drinker and smoked cigarettes and cannabis quit drink about two years previous to the collapse and cigarettes iv'e quit about four years now cannabis about a year just.The bloating and discomfort i seem to feel not only in my abdomen and sides but my groin is puffed up and my thighs sometimes feel tight if that makes sense,some early tests found scarring from... (25 replies)
... headaches the symptoms are constant even after quitting smoking my abdomen is so bloated it feels rigid and in recent year's my sides feel rigid aswell and the breathing discomfort is making me into a nervous recluse. ... (25 replies)
... Hi i'm flying home tomorrow hope the thing's you high lighted to me in your posts will help in finding answers and i have contacted the honoury doctor's association back home in london as i feel they will be able to help. (25 replies)
... No that is not too much to ask for. So if you feel this sick, and feel no one is listening to you, and feel you have no more time or energy to deal with another outpatient physician appointment, I would go to the emergency department, perhaps your local teaching hospital would be best, and get a fresh look at the situation. You seem somewhat desperate, and that is always a red... (25 replies)
... And if not ladybud what then ? cause i don't know how much longer i can go on with this i know it's probably a lot more serious then people wish to make out and i'm only 48 don't wanna die from it and like i said i have someone i care about more than anybody just want to get well or whatever is that too much to ask for. (25 replies)
... You can try printing up this thread and ask your Dr. to read it (or excerpts from it). You could also go to a new Dr. and get a fresh start with someone who hasn't labeled you as anxious, and doesn't get how much these issues are impacting your life and relationship. I'd probably do the latter, as your current Dr. does not seem too interested in getting to the bottom of this... (25 replies)
... Hi i don't know ladybud 22 year's since i passed out and came to with this many tests some back then some more recent sigmoids gastroscopes endoscopes colonscopy ultrasounds mri ibs ibd diverticular disease cluster headaches migraines suspected temporal artiries though headaches have more or less gone,a diagnosis some 7 or so year's ago of emphysema respioritry test then... (25 replies)
... Don't think the prednisone had much effect as i was only on it under a year during the last year and a half maybe (25 replies)
... No the bloating i've had for 22 year's now the prednisone was only on during the last 2 year's and i'm off it now (25 replies)
... It is possible the Prednisone is contributing to the bloating depending on how high your dose is. It causes fluid retention and abdominal fat deposits, so I think an abdominal ultrasound or CT scan would be most helpful to see if there is fluid (ascites) or not and to see the size of liver, spleen, etc. I hope you get to the bottom of this so you have some explanation and... (25 replies)
... That word venous is something they found in an mri scan of my head recently frontal venous something seems a possibility as to why i get temporal headaches all seems odd i think,the time i collapsed was right at the end of my first episode of what i found to be cluster headaches also related to lack of oxygen the collapse was due to what felt like a rupture in my right side... (25 replies)
... Since you have known liver disease, I would pursue the ascites question with serum proteins being low and excess fluid in the abdomen. The gluten issues can be put on the back burner for now. The swelling in groin areas and legs is related to venous pressure being built up as a result of liver being hard and scarred. Just make sure you don't have hemochromatosis as well (serum... (25 replies)
... No nobody in my family has anything similar at all except cerebellum issues and my mother who is 81 has asthma and hietus hernia (25 replies)

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