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Jul 5, 2008
... is emphasema hereditery, because my mum has it, my uncle has it and my grandad had it (and didnt smoke) (1 replies)
... My mother has had COPD over 10 years and a few years ago was told now Emphasema. She is very stubborn and will not discuss it with the children, (we are 42 and 38 !) saying she doesn't want to know when she will die-which means we get very little information out of her. We do know she does not want to be on life support but will accept pain medication, but have no idea what... (5 replies)
Lung Nodule
Apr 17, 2014
... Hi Frank, I have very severe lung problems inc COPD, severe chronic Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Emphasema and re-activating TB. My lung xrays and scans show that I have numerous nodules in both lung fields, some calcified and some not! Some are fluid filled and I have bullea (holes) some of those are fluid filled too! My x-ray just last month when I was again an inpatient at the... (3 replies)

... known billionaire, and those of us with emphasema would be cured!! ... (4 replies)
... c I have emphasema or COPD....Please help!!! I'm so scared...I don't even live anymore. ... (1 replies)
... Am suppposed to be on oxygen overnight but am starting to wonder if that is bothering me. I have emphasema too. I am totally exhausted. ... (73 replies)
... Hi Gang, I thought I would join this conversation. I have MAC, brochiectasis, COPD, emphasema (sp?) and interstitial lung disease w/ hypersensity pneumonis. I also have a chronic debiliatting bone disease called Osteonecrosis. Every day is a gift, some of the gifts are duds and others are grand. Breathing is such a challenging. You just never can predict it. I am on O2 at... (73 replies)
Jul 5, 2008
... lindadex, There is a hereditery deficiency called "Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency" or "AAT deficiency" for short that can be related to an EARLY onset of emphysema. There are some percautions that can be taken "IF" you should test positive for this disease. Obviously avoiding smoking is one of them...staying away from any irritents chemicals, fumes, dust..ect. Do some... (1 replies)
... Have been told I have the first stages of emphasema...and out of the blue, woke up with severe pain in my chest, thinking I had a broken rib, etc. Went to the ER and they did an x-ray. Couldn't see a fracture, break, and since it seemed worse with motion (coughing, sneezing, oh god) they figure it's out of place. ER Dr. first thought possible blood clot in lung - would the... (0 replies)
... Hi might be a good idea for you to press your dr. for the appt. with a pulmonary specialist just for your own peace of mind. Have you had spirometry/pulm. function tests to determine your lung health? You may be better than you think you are and, if not, there are other meds like Spiriva that can be of added benefit. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about,... (6 replies)
... It's so sad that his disease is work related. I wondered how old he is and it does sound like his time may be running out. He's lucky to have such a caring daughter-in-law, and when the time comes, I truly hope his doctor does everything possible to ensure his passing is gentle. (6 replies)
... Hypatia, thank you so much for your response. My father-in-law tried rehab for about 6 months several years ago and did not think it helped him so he stopped. He is 88 now, and has been on oxygen for about 3 years now. He never smoked, but worked in a foundry and likely breathed gases and chemicals that damaged his lungs. The doctor has been giving him morphine while in the... (6 replies)
... My mom died of emphysema at 83, but each patient is very different. In this day and age, there is no reason for anyone to die a horrible death. Morphine can be used to ease breathing and make the passing comfortable. Yes, your father-in-law should decide what he wants to do about the ventilator issue--otherwise his family may have to decide and that is just too difficult. ... (6 replies)
... Funkyheadgirl, I am so sorry to here about your mom. Boy I can relate like you canít believe. I have lost Mom, Stepfather, uncles and others to Emphysema or some type of lung disease wile not giving up smoking. I wonít candy coat it as you asked. I agree with bella214 totally!!! All 4 cases I witnessed were bad or worse. Emotionally we are having it bad and they attack... (5 replies)
... Two freinds of mine (they are sisters) have emphysema; they are in their late forties. Both also have asthma and bronchitis. One stopped smoking, and although she has emphysema, the asthma attacks have stopped, and she has gone from having bronchitis 4 times a year for 3 weeks to once a year for about two weeks (and a much milder bronchitis). My other friend still smokes;... (5 replies)
... The best I can say is that my Dad suffered COPD, Emphysema, and a collapsed lung among other things. He passed away in January. Really, what you can expect from your mom depends entirely on the type of person she is. She sounds just like my Dad, whoch means that you probably won't be sure of when her time is up until the day before she goes. Just be positive for her, help her... (5 replies)
... Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply. Here is a little info. on my mom: She is 69, has smoked for about 40-45 years, and still smokes near a pack a day. She has oxygen but is not on it 24/7, more like half a day. She eats healthy for the most part, but isn't active. We do her grocery shopping for her now, as she can't go out and walk for any length of time. She basically just... (5 replies)
... Hi Funkyheadgirl, IT is almost impossible to answer your question without more info. Does your mom have mild, moderate or severe empysema? Does she still smoke? Is she active? Does she have bouts of shortness of breath? Is she eating properly? Please write back and let me know. (5 replies)
May 7, 2005
... Thank You for your reply. I also served in Viet Nam, and I just requested that the application packet be sent to me. I found this at another website, maybe your husband may want to show it to his dr. There's just so much on the net to read about COPD and so many different support groups, some medical/support info contradicts the other, just like so called "real"... (1 replies)
May 6, 2005
... Snow, I am new here but perhaps I can be of some help to you. Your symptoms sound so very familiar to me. My husband was having the same problems as you. He has been diagnosed with copd and emphasema. We also had no health insurance, the thing that saved us is the VA. My husband served in Vietnam so he qualifies for medical through them. Could that possible be an option for... (1 replies)

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