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... Sharon, I never lost weight myself, BUT couldnt gain any weight either for the last 5+ years. That's until my last surgery, I've gained about 10 lbs since, which I DID need, so right now myself no one would ever know I had all the issues I do either! Keep hearing, wow, you look good..grrr, If they ONLY had a CLUE! I swear the CROW'S land on my face EVERYNIGHT! LOL..Oh well, I... (217 replies)
... Thank You Jazzy for your reply. None of this makes any since to me. When I first seen the pulm doc at Mayo clinic she told me that I had some significant emphyesema and scattered larger "bullae" in my lungs as well. And she was suprised by the degree of damage of my lungs at the age of 42.. ... (45 replies)
... Based on your doctor's diagnosis of MILD COPD, I'd say you've caught it at the best time but you need to start climbing the ladder (specialists) and see a pulmonary therapist. Best of luck to you! (8 replies)

... Frannie Thank you very much for taking the time to do that for me and you bring some hope. It is good to see your friend using guarded language, "very possible," etc. :) I`m only left with one question: Why would someone tell me I have Emphysema based on an X-Ray that said my lungs were slightly over-inflated? Is Emphysema mutally exclusive to all other causes for that?... (8 replies)
... Hi Jonny I asked a friend who is a Pulmonary Specialist what she could tell me to tell you. Here goes :- (THIS IS NOT TO TAKE PLACE OF A PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSIS THOUGH AND YOU STILL NEED TO SEE A SPECIALIST YOURSELF)She said that it is very possible that the diagnosis is correct but considering your symptoms (and other tests you tried yourself), then she said that you have... (8 replies)
... Frannie thank you. To answer your question, here is the exact language from the report written by the X-Ray center. It is all my doctor went on. It says, "hyper ariation (sp?) consistent with mild chronic obstructive pulimary disease." I copied it down from the nurse that gave me the quote over the telephone. I do have some shortness of breath occasionally and intermittant... (8 replies)
... The doctor can make assumptions based on the x-ray but that doesn't mean it is true. They are not fully qualified to interpret the results like a radiographer is. What did the actual report from the x-ray centre say? Even if that report confirms what she told you then you still will need to have more tests and see a specialist before they can be sure. You will definitely... (8 replies)
... I agree - see a specialist to put your mind at ease. (8 replies)
... Thank you very much. That is just not how I want to go, on an oxygen tank. BUT my doctor, based on that scan, confirmed saying "oh, you already have emphysema" based on that X-Ray result. Should they be using that sort of definite language in your opinion? Her English isn`t is sure. She is an immigrant from Asia. (8 replies)
... I know it may be hard to do but try not to worry too much until you have a more definite diagnosis. You really need to see a Pulmonary specialist who will order a heap of tests to confirm or rule out that diagnosis. They will probably order respiratory function tests , blood work and scans. Not everything that is reported from x-ray is always a firm diagnosis. Maybe request... (8 replies)
... I recently went to the doctor for an arm movement problem and we decided to order a chest X-Ray because of my past 20 years of pretty heavy smoking, have since quit. The report from the clinic read "hyper ariation (sp?) consistent with mild chronic obstructive pulomnary disease." Is this possibly a wrong diagnosis? I do not have any wheezing or shortness of breath. Is this... (8 replies)
Nov 29, 2005
... I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for over 2yrs,in my quest doc found low alpha1, but she didn't seem too concerned,said possible emphyesema down the road.......why wouldn't she send me to a pulmonary specialist? ... (6 replies)

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