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... I might even have emphysema by now. So if I can't "cough up" could I die? ... (1 replies)
... I have copd iam 57 quit smoking 5 yrs,i get very winden,bending over,up steps,walking yeally short of breath,my aunt just died of emphysema it was a terrible death not being able to breathe she gasphed for air so bad then died of heart failure, Rick (2 replies)
... He's not thinking much bout it, but I'm worried to death! It's in the beginning stages and if he were to stop smoking now, he could live a long good life. He'll be 49 next month. He was diagnosed about a year and half ago.......what can I expect as it progresses. I can't get him to stop smoking.....he's really being an idiot about as far as I am concerned. He says, it's like... (2 replies)

... things will continue to be. And I guess how long he will be around for, I never have any idea weather he has a month left or 6 years, and thats hard. And what is death by Emphysema like? ... (1 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear about the quality of your mothers life Did you have lung spirometry done and did you suffer from weezing and congestion,? my friend has neither of these . Were you a heavy smoker? One more question!are you afraid of death? I am terrified and yet i continue to smoke I smoke 6 to 8 cigarrettes a day, my friend smokes 30. I am 55 and should know better (5 replies)
... by all means do so. You need complete pulmonary function tests to determine how severe your emphysema is at this point and the best course of treatment. ... (3 replies)
Dec 2, 2008
... pills, has an inhaler when needed. My pulmonary dr told me it has to do with how soon it is caught and how you take care of yourself. 50yrs ago it was a serious death sentence of months or a few years to live, now with medical advances many years of productive life can be had, it depends on genes, and caring for yourself! ... (12 replies)
... Hey, all! We are all on 'barrowed time' - we're all terminal - just some sooner than others - as it is said " is appointed once to die...". Or in more modern quotes "there are only two sure things - death and taxes." I'm not trying to belittle the dying process at all, just to let you know from what I said above. Personally, I believe in God, and know where I'm... (6 replies)
... symptoms. The meds didnt seem to be helping. And anyway he went back to the Dr. on friday and the doctor tested and told him he had emphysema. Which scares me to death cause his father had it also and got bed ridden and eventualy pased. They gave him an advair inhaler and an albuterol inhaler. ... (2 replies)
... You need a High Resolution CT of the lungs! I had the same thing for months. The doctor kept telling me Bronchitis, allergies, sinus drainage, etc. All the while doctoring me for all of this. I finally insisted he send me to a lung specilist. I was scared to death, but wanted to know what was really going on before it was too late. He did a Pulmonary Function Test, which I... (7 replies)
... ot shake this serious fear of death.I know,I should not fear the what will happen whether I fear it or I don't.But I have to tell you,I AM MORE SCARED OF ME than death itself.For those out there that want to know what stage 4 emphysema feels like,try this out. ... (3 replies)
... law has had emphysema for several years and has been on theodur, used nebulizer, and a couple different inhalers. ... (6 replies)
Feb 23, 2006
... illness i want to do the best i can for myself. I thought i would have wanted one when i was watching my dad dieing from a brainstem stroke for 10 days,The worse death i have ever seen,In a coma but i never. ... (23 replies)
... It's not too late to help. That "smoker's cough"; that's probably chronic bronchitis. Do you get bronchitis every time you get a cold? Does it sometimes go into pneumonia? In both of your lungs? Do you have asthma? If you quit smoking and you have asthma and chronic bronchitis, those two conditions WILL improve. You will have fewer and milder episodes of both. ... (2 replies)
... s or early 80's. I have very severe Emphysema and I can tell you that it is not the horrible disease that we all have a mental picture of. ... (2 replies)
... Scared to death here. I am 51 one yrs old, quitting smoking as of yesterday. Two week ago went to doc for regular yearly thing. Ordered chest xray because she heard a "rub"? ... (2 replies)
Copd & emphysema
May 17, 2005
... as so unhappy in the hospital and we all just wanted him to be as comfortable as we could make him. We expected him to make it a little longer than he did so his death was a little harder. He was home for 1 month befoe he died. ... (19 replies)
Copd & emphysema
Apr 7, 2005
... mphysema is a HORRIBLE death...I watched my father go downhill.....I watched my father die, I was there until he took his last breath...a very agonizing, painful death to watch....had my dad quit smoking when he was diagnosed 5 years ago.....we could have easily had him live for another 10 years or better. ... (19 replies)
Scared to Death
Oct 13, 2004
... I've had the same exact thing since mid August! It's driving me nuts and I'm very worried too. I've been on all sorts of allergy meds and antibiotics and a clear chest x-ray-but now I have a cough. I went to a spin class at the gym last night because I was sick of feeling like an invalid not able to breath and it seemed ok except my lungs really hurt after-when I inhaled.... (6 replies)
Scared to Death
Oct 13, 2004
... Thanks for your replies I do try to not worry but I can't seem to help myself. I haven't looked into GERD yet but I definitely will, I know I'm young and Emphysema shouldn't be primary concern yet but I know if I continue to smoke it will become a problem. ... (6 replies)

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