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... He may be a good family Dr. but he comes up short if he doesn't send you for testing. Clubbing as you saw on the picture is pretty obvious. I have emphysema and have rounded nails. Have had them all my life, long before the emphysema. You just don't DX lung disease that way. ... (9 replies)
... Scare tactic? It sounds more like a lie to me. He has never talked about my smoking habits before. He never mentioned my nails before. I just don't know how he could tell a patient something like that and not order any tests. I asked if he wanted me to make appointment to come back and he said, "no, the antibiodic will clear up the sinus infection." I also looked into the... (9 replies)
... Cindy...he said because my nails are curved...not flat from side to side,(across the whole base, I guess you could call it) like his were, it means lack of oxygen and I have emphysema. My nails are not very long and they don't curve at the tips, if thats what you meant Cindy. When I did some searching earlier when I got home..I saw pics of all types of fingernail shapes and... (9 replies)

... To diagnose one with emphysema solely on the presence of finger clubbing would be inaccurate. Other tests would have to be done to look for other causes. ... (9 replies)
... I have NEVER heard that! I have heard that as emphysema progresses your fingers take on a club look.. I guess short and stubby. Explain to me again what the nail is supposed to look like if you have emphysema? ... (9 replies)
... I couldn't believe all the diseases that you could have and how your fingernails can tell so much. But I just can't find anything like he told me. Please help! ... (9 replies)
... uld take deep breaths but felt like the air did not have any oxygen in it. So the diagnosis of Asthma did not seem completely right to me. As I got worse, and my fingernails were starting to turn blue when I walked across the room or turned over in bed,,I started doing research on my own. ... (16 replies)
... I am 67 and was diagnosed with COPD over 20 years ago. I hate to admit this but since the Drs. didn't make a big deal about it and coughing seemed to be my only symptom I just blamed it all on allergies and always said I had asthma and continued to smoke. I still do not have much shortness of breath but have 37% lung capacity. Am not on O2 though I imagine I will be someday. I... (9 replies)
... Canyondweller..No I don't have COPD. It was the first time it was ever mentioned. I have seen this site before and wanted to post on this board to get other people's opinions. I find myself looking at e'one's nails everytime I go anywhere now. My nails are rounded too and have been all my life..but they do NOT look like the clubbing kind. How old are you long have... (9 replies)
... sound to me like your dr used a scare tactic to get you to quit smoking' my husband has emphaseyma and his nail are nothing like what the dr described to you (9 replies)
... If he feels that is the case he should send you for Pulmonary Function Testing and then prescribe treatment accordingly. I don't think that is an absolute way to diagnose COPD though it can be a symptom that arises over time. (9 replies)

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