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Frequent Yawning
Jul 12, 2004
... I've been yawning a heck of a lot during the last week or so, even when I'm not feeling tired. What could be the cause? ... (0 replies)
... eep breathing. But as i said before, this is an all day long situation. There are things that make it even worse,,but nothing ever makes it better. I saw that yawning was an issue also. Most of the time i cant even complete a yawn. It goes half way,,then just stops. ... (19 replies)
... been in great health with the exception of a few minor issues. About 7 years ago I had the same sensation described by many here. Could not get enough air in, yawning would help but sometimes the yawn would not do the trick. Of course, a little panic would set in and seem to make it worse. ... (19 replies)

... I have to reiterate that cutting out carbonated drinks and caffeine, as well as eating smaller, more frequent meals, seems to have reduced the bloated sensation substantially. ... (19 replies)
... I am using the nicotine lozenge. Everything was going fine until 4 days ago, when I suddenly found myself yawning quite a bit while watching afternoon TV. The yawning led to episodes of trying to catch my breath. ... (2 replies)
... I have suffered the same symptoms for about 40 years now. It scared me when I was in my teens and was turned inside out without getting a diagnosis. It seems to be getting worse as I get older and more frequent. I was diagnosed with GERD a few years ago and was prescribed Nexium. It hasn't helped and I just struggle on. Lots of yawning (with difficulty) and the need to... (14 replies)
... Thanks. I will check it out. I had Pulmonary Function tests yesterday - had been doing pretty well for a couple of days and of course, when I did the testing, had some difficulty. Several hours later, I seemed better. There seems to be no pattern but if I can get my mind off of it, I do not notice it as much. Also have a fullness in my abdomen, diaphragm area - kind of a... (19 replies)
... I have been experiencing some of the same symptoms over the last five months following an automobile accident...My symptoms are difficulty breathing that only a deep yawn satisfies, uncontrollable burping, numbness on left side of face and arm, and pain in the left shoulder. One doctor said it's anxiety and "find a hobby" doctor said Vagus Nerve damage and both... (19 replies)
... SKI508, I have many of the same symptoms described here throughout the replies. Mine comes and goes - last time about 7 years ago but this time it has lasted nearly two months. I had the lung tests then - nothing significant but discovered something just this week that sounds a little unusual. When it starts - usually in the car - I have found that chewing a piece of... (19 replies)
... Hey all! I seem to have found something on this condition. You can read this for yourself: Babi, you have exactly the same thing I have. I try to get a deep breath but only get maybe 80%. It's a very unsatisfying breath and results in tension which then builds as the difficulty to get a deep breath mounts. Eventually when it's at it's worse suddenly my lungs involuntarily... (19 replies)
... Hi everyone, 24 m, I've had this problem for about 5 months now. It almost appears at random. I read that it might be a panic type attack. i'm not too sure. I had PFTs done and they show a large change under a couple of the tested sections. The doc has me on Advair now but it's only helping a little bit. (19 replies)
... Oh ya, and I forgot to say I don't have Panic attacks, or anything to do with anxiety. (19 replies)
... Hi Chris, I too have been having the same problem. I have the need to take a deep breath and feel that the only way of doing so is if I yawn, which in most cases doesn't work either. I'm 15 years old, and unlike you, I don't exercise. I don't smoke either. I have had this in the past, only lasting for 2 or 3 months, and it has just recently come back. It's really hard to... (19 replies)
... vinniez, It's definitely not all in your head. I can't think of anything more anxiety inducing than not being able to breathe. Although it hasn't cured me, speech therapy has provided some degree of relief at times. Of course, I don't know if your breathing difficulties are casued the vocal cords, as in my case, but the breathing exercises, if nothing else, are useful as... (19 replies)
... Divadiamond, What were your symptoms, how long did they last, when would they happen? Did they go away completely when you got the botox? Was bloating one of your symptoms? Thanks for any advise :) (19 replies)
... I have have a really simular problem. LES Dystfuntion/Lower Esophageal spinchar Dysfunction. I don't have the problems witih deep breathing, but the rest sounds the same. I constantly have to clear my throat, have reflux, chest pain etc. My gastroenderologist (I'm sure this is not spelled correct) had me go to the hospital for an manometry test. That is what my... (19 replies)
... Same here! Thanks and good luck to you. (19 replies)
... Do you also get pressure like you have to burp - but can't? Do you exercise? (19 replies)
... jcgman73 - I get Bloated to and the same feeling in my stomach. Had an endoscopy also and doc didn't find a hietal hernia but I don't think he's that good... (19 replies)
... Dear Fellow Thread Members, I happened on this thread just today and am astounded at how identical many of your symptoms are to mine! I have been suffering from shortness of breath for about 5 years. I have been treated for asthma, but to no avail. X-rays, heart stress test, blood oxygen are all normal, but flow volume loop (lung test) is not. Saw a pulmonologist who... (19 replies)

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