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Herbs for lungs
Dec 17, 2003
... I have found "Clear Lung Formula" which helps me sometimes. it is worth a try to relieve congestion... (5 replies)
Herbs for lungs
Oct 26, 2003
... well theres inhalers and albuterol.Are there any natural herbs for lung health? ... (5 replies)
Herbs for lungs
Dec 18, 2003
... Thanks; I am careful;;;the product I refer to is "Clear Lung" by Ridgecrest Herbal; which I buy in liquid and put two drops in my water; seems to help with congestion. I get the blue label; Ephedra free;;;but in all reality; it appears water is the best therapy; and steam;;;thanks again (5 replies)

Herbs for lungs
Dec 18, 2003
... Can't say this often enough. BE CAREFUL! Get your herbs from somebody who has some education about herbs -- the equivalent of a herby doctor -- because they will better know what they are doing than you are. I am all about herbs, but Foxglove is still digitalis, and you can still kill yourself by taking it with the wrong thing or taking too much. (5 replies)
Herbs for lungs
Dec 18, 2003
... Green tea is helpful also, but I've heard the more liquid you put in your body the thinner the mucos making it easier to cough up. (5 replies)
Herbs for lungs
Dec 18, 2003
... Being that mucus is mostly composed of water, you'd do yourself good to just try and drink as much as you can! :) Juice counts as well -- Coffee and carbonated beverages less so, because coffee diureses you the slightest bit and carbonated beverages make you feel like you've drunk more than you actually have (because of the gas bubble in your tummy.) (5 replies)
... I have read the herb Lobelia is supposed to be a decongestant for the lungs. ... (3 replies)
... There is abook called "Immunotics" by Robert Rountree, MD, and Carrol Coleman. It has a ton of info on supplements for respiratory health/conditions. The is also a dietary supplement called Lung-Saver by NaturalCare highly recommended by a naturopath on our local radio program. (3 replies)
... I have read that Vitamin A has been studied as a possible treatment to clear lungs Chinese herbs have been used successfully for thousands of years. ... (3 replies)
Subpleural blebs
Jun 29, 2008
... He had an episode last April of 07..where his lungs collapsed, and they suspected bullae in there, but at the time, we didn't want to put him thru the surgery, so opted to bring him home, and hope for the best... ... (9 replies)
... s, seeds such as grains,nuts and beans, fruits, vegetables. Green things such as Romaine lettuce is said to have all the elements of blood in them except perhaps for iron and the green chlorophyll in them is said to be very close to blood itself. The blood is very important for oxygen exchange. ... (17 replies)
... hiya, 29 years old female here i had 3 months constant checkups in various hospitals- had to travel home to my country to receive proper medicalk attention! started with strong flu a year ago which developed the constant cough. got plenty of antibiotics (this was last winter) and it got better for the summer, coughing stopped, although i always coughed up some phlegm in the... (1 replies)
... t totally out and coughed and choked through the whole thing. What an awful feeling! Do you know if they found anything right off the bat or do you have to wait for lab results? ... (217 replies)
... it is expensive, however, I think it has helped me. I have severe GERD. My gerd is so bad that I am a candidate for the Nissen fundoplication surgery on the esophagus but I am fighting against having that surgery. ... (26 replies)
... hospital will do Drug sensitivity tests on your bronchoscopy washings if the hospital still has the washings in their labs. I had my lung washings sent to NJH for the test. ... (26 replies)
... Oh Ann, I am so sorry for you for the problems you are having. Gosh, I guess if I ever start bleeding from my lungs I will probably freak out. I have read that some bleeding can be expected but anything over a cup of blood is not normal for our diseases. ... (237 replies)
Collapsed lung
Aug 20, 2005
... reat your husband's at home now. He sounds as though he has determination and great stamina....the healing process will take a while. The oxygen will be better for him to use.... ... (26 replies)
... antitussive efect, reduces the viscosity of sputum. patients have shown increased lung capacity and function. We said it cant hurt anything so he has been taking for about a month. It appears to have helped alot. There is a good site with Herbal stuff relating to IPF. ... (4 replies)
... l they get the disease. I am a proactive person and I want sit idly by without doing everything in my power to help me anyway I can. Of course, I am not on any herbs because I don't know what the effects would be with all these meds, however, I take lots of vitamins. ... (104 replies)

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