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Hurting chest.....
Aug 19, 2011
... Hiya, well they arent going to lie to you are they? Take the medication and if your no better in 7 days then see your doctor, but you went to the best place for help, you had an x ray so try not to worry. (1 replies)
Hurting chest.....
Aug 19, 2011
... ray, and a catscan..... they sent me home with some perscriptions and said i have a lung infection..... could this be true? ... (1 replies)
... lost my second uncle in a month. Well I have a bad back and need to get steroid injection. The Dr gave me one by my shoulder blade I said to him this time it is hurting all the way to my ribs. Thank god my husband drove me there normal it don't hurt that bad. ... (5 replies)

... Hi about 3 weeks ago a Dr collapsed my lung during a steroid injection for bursitis in left shoulder. He was giving me the injection I said boy it is hurting all the way to my ribs. He said good that shows I got the right area. I didn't think much. ... (5 replies)
... rock and e could this be the anwser im looking for , have has lost of bronchitis and pneumonia and it has cleared i suspect not for long but my back is killing man it hurts dosen't it i have to take hydro ooooohhh och i have had lost of xrays when it has :angel:been relal;y hurting yet it has shown nothing i have to have my fourth and i had that contrast one ... (3 replies)
... My Mother was diagnosed with ILD, I think back in Oct. They had found a tumor on her left lung and did some breathing test to see if she was fit for surgery, the surgeon said "no way". ... (50 replies)
... I just signed up because of lately ive been having lung pain. Im a 20 year old male and also im a smoker. ... (5 replies)
... Well he's been back to work now 4 days, and he is exhausted. He is finding it hard going, his legs are really hurting ( he's a postman) and he gets really out of breath. but he has said he needs to only do half his round next week then the rest back inside. This should hopefully not be so tiring. Hope all is well at your end. willow (48 replies)
... I am new to the board and really need your advice or help. I have been having some back problems which actually feels like lung pain in my upper right side. It feels like the upper lobe of my lung is truly what's hurting. ... (0 replies)
Collapsed lung
Aug 1, 2005
... we see the surgeon today, but the tube site is infected and now he is hurting on the inside but lower from the tube insertion site. ... (26 replies)
Collapsed lung
Jul 25, 2005
... tal, they only kept my husband about 7 days this time and sent him home with the tube and valve thing, he's been home almost 2 weeks now and no change. Did your lung finally expand and fix itself after 5 weeks or I guess it didn't since you ended up having surgery. Hope all is well and you are feeling better now. ... (26 replies)
... I know, I know, I am in the process - I was thinking of the water pic w/ Grossan tips - but I have a hard time making a decision. Hell, I went all out and broke out the nebulizer tonight. I got to a point that I felt like I was having an actual asthma attack. Lots of wheezing. It seems to have subsided for now. I started taking the latest antibiotic that the ENT scribed... (9 replies)
Some advice please
May 16, 2005
... I hoping someone can help me out here. About 8 months ago I started having pains in my chest. Sometimes it feels like it could be my lungs and other times it feels like my muscles. When I take a real deep breath it hurts a little and feels tight. I have a cough but nothing comes up, but I can feel mucus or something in my chest. Here lately my breastbone has been hurting,... (3 replies)
... in eventually went away. However, they did find the proverbial "spot" on my left upper lobe, consisten with a pinpoint area under my shoulderblade that had been hurting pretty bad, especially when I take a deep breath. That pain has pretty much subsided too. ... (1 replies)
Nodule in Lung
Dec 31, 2004
... Essie, I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's lung problem. I would like to suggest that you do some research on Mycobacterium or Atypical Mycobacterium. I had a CT scan because my chest was hurting. ... (1 replies)
Collapsed Lung
Jun 10, 2004
... Has anyone ever had one lung or both collapse? ... (7 replies)
... The reason I went to the Dr is my chest was very painful on left side. Also was hurting to take deep breaths. I feel I'm getting tired more easily than before. ... (0 replies)
... But now i'm suffering from back pain as well, i read a story of a girl with lung cancer who had a cough and back pain since then my back has been hurting i'm so scared i could have lung cancer!. ... (1 replies)
... My condition has improved a bit but seems to have plateaued. My asthma is good, taking steroid inhaler only. I also upped my meds for my stomach since it's been hurting more and I'm having a bit more acid reflux recently. I've been taking 2 or 3 Lorazepam per day and sleep well during the night. ... (13 replies)
... I know the battle that you are going through. I was taking 3 kinds of antibiotics, totaling 2400mg. a day. I took probiotics for my stomach/ intestinal problems twice a day. I took them for a year and a half. I lost 28 lbs., and, at times, felt like just throwing in the towel and giving up. However, God saw me through it, and, in the end, I came out a stronger person from... (2 replies)

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