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... I am getting very concerned as to why I keep getting bronchitis. I get it at least 2 times a year and am very sick with it. I do have allergies and have had surgery for acid reflux. ... (5 replies)
... Literally I've had bronchitis back to back for two months. It happened a lot last year too. I went to an allergist when I had bronchits last time. ... (4 replies)
... I had constant bronchitis for months a few years ago. It got so bad I was coughing up straight green phlegm. ... (4 replies)

... Yeah ive had my chest xrayed twice. First time it was clearly bronchitis. Second time my chest was clear. Going to try allegra soon. (4 replies)
... Literally I've had bronchitis back to back for two months. It happened a lot last year too. I went to an allergist when I had bronchits last time. ... (4 replies)
... and I had three cases of bronchitis in one year, Idon't smoke never did, so I am with you as to why. ... (5 replies)
... Rangiet, I'm 32, and develop combination cold/bronchitis episodes at least 2x a year, no matter what I do. Though I can't stop them from occuring, I have learned to manage the situation so that the cold will no longer turn into bronchitis. 10 years ago, I was very frustrated at what was a clear pattern. I would get a cold, which would start in the head. Sometimes it... (5 replies)
... I got a really bad case of bronchitis when I was a about 35 years old. I felt like I had pneumonia, but the doctor said it wasn't. ... (5 replies)
... Then when I was about 20 I started smoking and I found once a year I'd get this horrid bronchitis cough thing that'd make me feel like death for about 3 days and then the cough would remain for about 3 weeks. Ugh. Disgusting. ... (5 replies)
... Hi have you had a chest xray? Maybe you could try a different med too. Cathy (4 replies)
... To me, your symptoms sound a lot like chemical sensitivity issues. I have chemical sensitivity, plus other respiratory ailments and sometimes it is difficult figuring out what is what. I treat the chemical sensitivity as I would asthma or chronic bronchitis. Use whatever medications or supplements work for you. For me it is singulair, zyrtec, flovent, combivent, and... (5 replies)
... ng to the doctor would merely be adding to the money I owe him. I know the only one who can properly diagnose me is a doctor, however it seems like they'll just keep shooting in the dark unless I can suggest something outside of bronchitis. ... (5 replies)
... Keep in mind, I am not a drinker,not a smoker this is all from the sjogrens that most likely started years ago. I started getting asthma and bronchitis and hoarseness, going to doctors from allergists to pulmonary to endocrinologist and my internist....they took test after test but no one tested for Sjogren's... ... (6 replies)
... jas ive put a :);)post on myself about the same thing bottom right lung pain!! it hurts alot!! everytime i get chest infections thats where it starts and finishes maybe we have had pneumonia and not always bronchitis???? i was a smoker also um i was very poorly at xmas and keep getting bronchitis aswell and it always hurts here they thought i had ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for your advice! I appreciate you all taking the time. My doctor has now put me on Advair. I hope it works! (5 replies)
... but I sure don't feel like it. I keep getting told to be patient and that it will pass with some more time. I'm generally an impatient person, and going into the 4th week is very frustrating. ... (5 replies)
... Do you have asthma all the time? Or do you only have asthma attacks when you have bronchitis? I recently came down with an extremely congested chest. It didn't seem like pneumonia. (I've had pneumonia in both my lungs several times, and it hurts in my sides and back, whereas bronchitis, which I've also had repeatedly, hurts in the middle of my chest.) I went to a... (6 replies)
... About every 3 months I get bronchitis with worsening ashma. I getting depressed. They have to put me on a strong antibiotic and inhaler. Why would I keep getting sick this way? ... (6 replies)
... and a chest xray. Not pneumonia but found a small calcified spot. I ended up buying a pulse oximeter to keep track and I average 93 and it drops to 90 when I lay down. Is that normal? ... (1 replies)
... this cough seemed to develop as a result of smoking marijuana. I would cough so hard and so long, it actually became painful and there was no way I could keep from coughing. If I tried to take a deep breath, I coughed. Then, either due to the coughing or something else, my right lung began to hurt. ... (2 replies)

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