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... minute walk test to measure how low his 02 drops? ... (1 replies)
Lungs won't expand
Aug 31, 2016
... I have that problem. I also have low oxygen saturation. But, I'm overweight and suffer with Failed Back Surgery pain. The Dr. did Pulmonary Function tests and they discovered Obesity Hypoventilation. ... (2 replies)
... I think another problem is that I've been googling low oxygen saturation and coming up with death, death and more death. It's true that ignorance is bliss because I wouldn't have been as freaked out if I wasn't combing the internet. ... (17 replies)

Aug 6, 2004
... The problem is, the O2 does not keep my saturation levels from dropping. ... (1 replies)
Low Blood Oxygen
Aug 2, 2004
... The pulse oximeters could very well be false. They are definitely not the best way of getting an accurate blood oxygen reading. Cold hands will also affect it. ... (2 replies)
Low Blood Oxygen
Jul 30, 2004
... In april of this year, I had a bad case of pneumonia where I went to the hospital for 10 days and was put on oxygen for a time afterwards. ... (2 replies)
... Once the irritation in your lungs and bronchial tubes subsides, you should feel much better. That may take about 6 weeks. Your elevated hemoglobin/HCT is an indication of chronic low oxygen levels in your blood, even though your saturation is 100%. It is a good thing you stopped smoking, and this will gradually get better. I would be proactive at protecting your lungs from... (2 replies)
Pain in lungs
Oct 8, 2015
... I think you're past early signs of copd and emphysema and the hyperinflated lungs are a sign of that process. Have you had pulmonary function tests done? That's noninvasive and can show how much lung function you've lost. Also pulse oximetry is noninvasive and can show how well you are still oxygenating. It is a small clip placed on a finger or earlobe that reads your oxygen... (2 replies)
... That may help if your oxygen saturation is low. ... (3 replies)
... Especially with flutter, the heart's chambers are "out of synch" and don't handle oxygen very well either coming or going. ... (6 replies)
Really scared
Mar 21, 2010
... is excellent. The chest pains could have been caused by the low potassium. He should follow up with his primary doctor next week to make sure he is recovering without problems. ... (16 replies)
Really scared
Mar 20, 2010
... They found that he was dehydrated, very low potassium and severe intestinal infection. But none of ths seems to explain chest pain, breathing problems and hoarse voice. ... (16 replies)
... low oxygen and "high carbon dioxide" are a combination seen in respiratory failure. ... (13 replies)
... Michael Bertolino’s Story Until this past May, Michael Bertolino, 58, played the guitar, keyboard and sang in his church band and worked with Little Leagues in his native Philadelphia and in South Jersey. He was supposed to have begun work with a Special Outreach program for kids this past September. But a medical mishap nearly killed him, and has left him paralyzed for... (2 replies)
... on oxygen machines. Depended on his services. ... (19 replies)
... Let me give you a little 411 on this dreaded pain in my *** lung disease more commonly known as COPD Emphysema.I was forst diagnosed with emphysema 7 years ago.I think it was on a monday(Hee Hee Hee):dizzy: I was a strong,healthy 36 year old carpenter.I noticed things were getting heavier,like lumber,tools,oh,and my lungs.:confused: What was I to do? boss sent me to... (19 replies)
... You have as low peak flows like me. ... (19 replies)
... ly answer the Paramedics questions when they arrive, because it's stressful and upsetting. When they came to take my mom, the first thing they did was check her oxygen saturation. It was a low 77, and they started pumping heavy oxygen in her, and it brought it up for the short term. ... (9 replies)
... ing my Dad's death I got really sick. I coughed more and got up more sputum in one day than I had the whole 3 years combined since having this disease. I ran a low grade fever of 99.2 but after about 4 days I started feeling better. The doctor ran a flu test on me and checked my oxygen saturation but everything was fine. ... (110 replies)
... That could be a simple reason why his numbers are lower. I don't know many doctors offices who have an oxygen saturation monitor in their office. ... (6 replies)

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