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... Hi, I need a second advice, I'am followed by 2 internist and one generalist, and maybe someone could answer me or give me a hint. (I weight 92kg and I'am 5'11'' at 33year old. (never smoked)) Got 3 spiro over 3 years. restrictive syndrome. at 70%. major stats; fev1 = 3.7, predicted 5.2 tlc = 3.9, predicted 5.2 diffusing ok (0 replies)
Collsaped lung
Apr 11, 2010
... ted at home for a respiratory infection. For example, recently my son was having difficulty breathing,had a fever and was coughing up lots of phlegm. There were crackles in both lungs. I took him to the hospital and he had pneumonia, he was not admitted but, was sent home with meds and recovered without any problems. ... (7 replies)
... left lung area for a long time now. ... (4 replies)

... what lung diseases cause cause crackles (0 replies)
... recomended to repeat scan every three months, and as I said at the 6th month scan it tripled in size to 1.9cm and became spiculated. I had no weeze, no cough, no crackles ect..I hadn't been sick with a cold or anything as well as my smoking history thats why they really thought this was cancer. ... (7 replies)
... Good input. I had a Lung CT a week ago today. Nothing wrong at all, I was assured. Told me to seek answers from an ENT as this was probably an upper respiratory problem. ... (18 replies)
... I just wanted to mention that a bronchoscopy is pretty good in that they can take tissues from inside the lungs, look directly at any segment of your lung, and can even unplug the lil airsacs in your lungs (called alveoli). They can also take a sputum (mucus) sample and run a lab on it. If a doctor has recommended a bronchoscopy I would suggest taking it. Sometimes... (18 replies)
... Thank you so much Howitt, I saw the Asthma and GERD thread...quite amazing. I would have never thought the acid spilling over into the esophogus could cause the lung problems it seeminly does to some people. I did make an appt. Tues. next to see a Pulmonologist P.A. in with my Dr. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks both of you for your suggestions. Appreciated. I had a lung function test done last summer 04. It's always low, I don't know the numbers only see the graph. ... (18 replies)
... I just thought of something else to add. I have had several lung function tests and always ask, "Are you sure this is asthma? ... (18 replies)
... Keep in mind you can develop asthma at any age. I think you should get another lung function test just to be sure. That will clear up any confusion. Your other lung function test was 3 years ago? ... (18 replies)
... ray would do any good. How about a lung CT? ... (18 replies)
... You know I really don't have any ashtma symptoms that I know of. Only when the Pulmanologist told me I had low lung function and stated it was some asthma-like condition. He also stated that since I was just getting over bronchitis, asthma can initroduce itself at that time. (I'm in my mid 60's, never had anything like asthma as a child). I also had the emphysema test for... (18 replies)
... erent allergists. My small airway function is pretty low but my other numbers were about average. They said it was asthma, but I worried that it was some other lung disease since I really don't have typical asthma symptoms. ... (18 replies)
... I have this when I have bronchitis or otherwise an asthma flare up. I lay down and can hear and feel the pops. I was diagosed with low lung function an an adult also and was put on Advair (steroid inhaler) and allegra. I also have sinus drainage and hayfever. I used to wake up with a morning cough and spit up phlegm but since on the Advair I don't have that. I think its... (18 replies)
... I was diagnosed with low lung function 3 years ago when I had bronchitis. Pulmanologist had me do a lung function test. Don't know the exact number, however, on the graph, the line for my age, ht, wt, etc.. ... (18 replies)
... I am glad you got to go off your meds IF IT will help you. Your report is not boring at all. I liked reading it and comparing it to some of my lung reports. From my understanding of your findings, it sounds like your nodules have grown. ... (104 replies)
... rays show no sign of pneumonia, pneumothorax, or anything abnormal. Pulmonary function test showed no clear sign of interstitial lung disease. Physical exams hear no sign of bubbles or crackles in the lungs. ... (13 replies)
... Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis involves scarring or thickening of tissues deep in the lung without a known cause. ... (3 replies)
... really don't hear anything like creaking leather or crackles. My lung sounds are equal on both sides. ... (22 replies)

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