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... took a biopsy. The Surgery did not help the lung inflate because there is an inflamation on the lung lining. ... (2 replies)
... Mari526, never heard of Valley Fever.. but the pain in left side of lung was so bad today and had a hard time catching my breath very scary.pulmonologist didnt do any kinds of test since back in December.. ... (6 replies)
... kea, Pleurisy can be caused by a viral infection. Have the doctor's ruled out Valley Fever? Please ask your pulmonologist what his findings are. You may want to get copies of your report to bring to any followup appts. with your primary. As far as the weight loss, you are going to have to be aggressive with your diet to make sure you don't keep losing. I would suggest... (6 replies)

... hi all.. I had pleurisy back in sept.2005 they did and x-ray of lungs and found 3 nodules ..biggest is 5mm.. then went back and they found 2 more on right lung from an x-ray been to emerency room cause the pain and being short of breath was real bad I had thought the pleurisy was back ...but the emergency doctor did a ct scan and ask me arent you in alot of pain I said yes... (6 replies)
... lung pain and difficulty breathing. I have had a collapse lunge before on the right side and this felt the same. I thought my left lung collapsed, but instead they did a chest xray and ct scan with the dye. ... (6 replies)
Lung nodules
Oct 30, 2009
... I had some sort of coughing that went on for a couple of months, with some mucus dischard. So I did a normal chest x-ray arouned September 20th 2009and they found some patchy opacification.In October my doctor ordered another chest x-ray and the x-ray showed more of the first x-ray but more pronounced on the second x-ray. These two x-rays were taken within a ten day... (0 replies)
... Hi Angela, How long have you had inflammation of the lung? Does it hurt when you breathe or cough? I have inflammation of the right lung. It's painful to breathe must of the time. Ive been told it's due to my Fibromyalgia. (1 replies)
... What could an inflamation on the lung mean? ... (1 replies)
... but my use is for the inflamation on the lung tissues to help decrease and stop furthur damage. not so sure if it helps yet. I dont have much stamina and get fatigued and short of breath easily. ... (50 replies)
... Thanks! I might try that. From all the tests so far only my lungs seem to be the problem. (2 replies)
... bemar25, I can understand your frustration, when something is wrong, and even has the doctors baffeld! I have had several "RARE" diseases, and ended up at a Major medical facility and finally was diagnosed (a Mayo Clinic). Do you have any other health issues? I do have a muscle disease called Inflammatory Myopathy, which can also involve the lungs, heart, and of course... (2 replies)
... Usually around the acupuncture schools they have clinics where you can go and it is much cheaper than the regular price. That could help your husband's lung and also his whole body. ... (48 replies)
... hi all.. can someone reply to my message kinda scared here ..thanks so much kealight (6 replies)
... Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate you taking the time...You have made me feel a little better. They did say the nodules are 5mm but our radiology docs are ding dongs. They did a ct on my daughter a couple months agao and found a tumor in her femur but in the report they said it was in her tibia! My radiology report initially said nothing about nodules... (6 replies)
... Hi jessandjeff123! well I have2 of those three things....I just skipped the pleurisy part. And I'm a smoker too, who is having a real hard time quitting! All of your symptoms may all be due to the inflammation. The nodule can be anything, and usually nothing...just some incidental finding when you have a ct scan. Of course they could be cancerous, but not necessarily. ... (6 replies)
... which causes stiffining of the lung, this is what makes interstitial lung disease a restrictive disorder. ... (50 replies)
... hope soon,cause the pain is getting worst,my breading worst i lost 20 pounds because i can hardly eat and i can hardly stand up,so so far they said INTERSTITIAL LUNG DIEASE ,so what i want to know and i need suport is doyou know anything about that? ... (3 replies)
... had severe breathing issues since Dec 15 2011 and have had every test known to man done with absolutely no results. Every test that I have done with exception to lung test has come back completely normal..... I am 35, 225lbs, very, very active in all sports no medical history, no family medical history....Here goes. ... (12 replies)
MAC/MAI surgery
Aug 8, 2011
... He had mild to severe side effects to these but that was nothing compared to the constant fatigue and general joint inflamation he lived with. His Pulmonologist at the time never rechecked his sputom cultures to see if the drugs were working. ... (2 replies)
... breathing will improve as it gets all that gunk out of your lungs from the smoking. So I'd quit smoking asap if you haven't because it can cause chronic inflamation of the lung tissue which scars and cannot be repaired. ... (1 replies)

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