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... ok since last Monday while I was in the store a sharp pain went through my left lung and heart area. And from there it has become a dull ache in my upper back and my lungs feel like they weigh soooo much. ... (2 replies)
... i also started taking robitussin DM which i should have been doing from the beginning. anyway, the fevers and cold sweats went away but the cough and the lung 'movement' remained. also, the phelgm that comes up has changed it's color to white. ... (5 replies)
... the fevers and cold sweats went away but the cough and the lung 'movement' remained. also, the phelgm that comes up has changed it's color to white. ... (0 replies)

... een linked to anything specificly. One of her biggest issues is with her breathing and being short of breath. She has recently complained of gurgling in her left lung whenever she's wheezing. ... (4 replies)
... Could Be Opd Lung Problems Which Is What I Have Ring44 (4 replies)
... Everything that I have found regarding bronchitis says that you get wheezing when you exhale. I have a noise when I inhale. It sounds like my stomach is growling but it is in my left lung. Not sure in mucus trapped can cause this noise. ... (4 replies)
Lung or back?
Jan 9, 2004
... workers did. They told me that I sounded as if I smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I guess I kind of made a wheezing noise when I talked. My breathing started to get laborous about four months later. My back would hurt, the bottom of my lungs would hurt. ... (5 replies)
Lung or back?
Jan 9, 2004
... ldolson ,No i havent been scoped What where your other symptoms i ask cause i notice sometimes when i swallow i hear a clicking noise.I dont think i have what you are talking about,cause alot my back hurts and my breathing is okay.What did they do to fix your problem?? (5 replies)
... When you smoked did you have a problem of exhaling the smoke completly or feel like you swallowed it, and do you have problems coughing up phlem not getting enough breath to completely get it out? These are problems I'm having and feel like I'm hyperventilating. Sorry for your condition I've had X-rays and ct scans showing nothing please reply thanks (5 replies)
... I am a 19 years old male. From the past 7 years, there is some sot of blockage in my right lung. Due to this, their is a lot of noise while I breath. ... (5 replies)
... Hi on Wednesday i was scoped and was wondering what one i had. I'll explain the problem was that every so often it felt like my throat was closing on me and i couldn't inhale a deep breath so the doctor sent me to the ENT. So i was wondering which one was done as i found this strange, i have no local or general anesthetic he went up my left nostril told me to swallow a... (4 replies)
... ut to a radiologist and I will not have results back until tomorrow afternoon. The other dr wanted to diagnose me with pluerisy, but was perplexed by the lack of noise in my lungs and the fever, so is currently going with a 'chest wall injury'. ... (0 replies)
Strange squeak?
Jan 31, 2008
... I told the pulmanologist, he said related to upper respiratory, sent me to ENT, ENT said no it's a lung issue? ... (2 replies)
How common is it?
Jul 24, 2007
... Hope everyone is doing well otherwise. I am feeling better each day. I called my surgeon today because I still have that weird noise when taking a deep breath, and now also after I've run around the house doing chores. It scares me that it is a leak in my lung or something... ... (91 replies)
How common is it?
Jun 29, 2007
... I am feeling great. Haven't been able to get to the gym lately because I am studying for a big test for I can tell my lung function is getting a tad worse. Nothing compared to what you ladies are going thru...but for me, it's noticeable. ... (91 replies)
... me Times, Not all the time, when i cough, a few times in a row, i get this burning for a little while in the leftside at the bottom of my chest, i guess where my lung would be. ... (2 replies)
... upper chest starts rumbling noise with congestion. ... (2 replies)
... The last time my lung collapsed they found a large 'bubble' at my lower lung and had to remove it wit surgery and it was done by a specialist. ... (0 replies)
... AC will make you have a tired feeling all the time I reckon because the lungs are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I can also hear a little wheezing noise in my chest. I am 65 years old. You are very young to have this. ... (10 replies)
... hi i have posted about this ongoing problem i am having, congestion in throat, cant get it out clicking feeling of phlegm in throat when i take a deep cough sinus drainage all the time and wheezing noise sometimes from right lung doc says it is allergies and asthma and mild bronchitis i am freaking out because everytime i take a deep cough i have a feeling of something at... (5 replies)

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