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... I was in a car wreck 6 months ago which is how doctors discovered 3 spots on my lungs. Keep in mind I'm 19 years old, hadn't even been smoking cigarettes a year before I found out about the spots. ... (0 replies)
Lung nodules
Apr 9, 2012
... male been smoking 2 packs a day for 12 years. 3 years ago I got sick they did a MRI and found multiple spots on my lungs none bigger than 5mm. I also got a pet scan which came back fine. ... (1 replies)
... Last time i had a medical checkup, x-ray photos of my lungs showed some white spots on them, the doctor asked me if i smoke and this is mostly caused by smoking, but i didn't smoke and he said this is probably due to high reception of second hand smoke or just because my lungs are more sensitive to these chemicals. Any ideas about this? As far as i remember, i don't hang out... (0 replies)

Lung Issues
Feb 7, 2011
... or for 12 weeks and having various drugs dumped into my system, the symptoms went away. However, one of the tests that they ran was a chest CT which revealed two spots on my lung. I was told it was probably unrelated to my breathing issues and was probably nothing to worry about. They just ran a repeat CT scan last week. ... (0 replies)
... cronic cough, extra mucus generated, tightness of broncial tubes, shortness of breath, wanting to take deep breaths, x-ray shows cloudy spots in each lung, exercise or physical work makes it worse, pulmunary function ok, oxygen level in blood 93-97, not pneumonia, and now what. I am confused. inhaler does help. thanks, trish (0 replies)
Spots on lungs
Mar 6, 2010
... I am old but have had lung problems since my 30's. I have never smoked and my husband hasn't but both my parents smoked at the table and in the car with the windows shut in winter. ... (2 replies)
Spots on the lung
Jul 12, 2009
... what is the cause of spots on the lung? ... (0 replies)
Lung Nodules
Aug 19, 2008
... about two years ago I was having severe pains in my upper back, left side. I went to urgent care and had a chest xray which showed spots on my lungs. Went in for a CT the next day and have had numerous since, including a PET scan and lung biopsy. ... (0 replies)
... So happy for you that you have received continued good news about your lung nodule. The uncertainty and waiting are very frustrating and downright scary to boot! ... (15 replies)
... VATS which is a lung biopsy. They had to go in my side and they cut about 7 spots but only 4 caused any pain on the outside. They go in with a scope and take pieces of your lung to look at under a microscope and do tests on it. ... (2 replies)
... the way back to normal and another 6 months untill the spots were gone from his lungs. Get well soon!! ... (6 replies)
... the way back to normal and another 6 months untill the spots were gone from his lungs. Get well soon!! ... (6 replies)
... I had a CT scan recently for abdominal pains. They found a spot at the base of my right lung and one on the right lobe of my liver. ... (0 replies)
Collapsed lung
Aug 1, 2005
... d to complete recovery. The only reason I say emphysema is because blebs are usually a result of that, my husband lungs are covered with them, the are no normal spots on his lungs at all. I will post again when I know something new. Thanks to all. ... (26 replies)
Painful lung
Mar 12, 2005
... rays done and the doctor saw the white spots what did he say about them? ... (1 replies)
Painful lung
Mar 11, 2005
... hello, im here for my mom. for about six weeks now, she has been experiencing persistant lung pain, not from breathing, but constant pain in her entire left lung. ... (1 replies)
... HI I wanted to know if someone could help me. My husband went to the doctor two days ago with shortness of breath.(no cough) The doctor told him that he had a spot in his lower right lung. He said it may be due to pneumonia because the spot looks like it has fluid in it. He also had a high white blood cell count. He was givin antibotics. I am freaking out about this... (0 replies)
Spots on Lungs
Jan 6, 2005
... Those spots may also be signs of tuberculosis. If left untreated, they can rip and allow air to escape the lung..... ... (3 replies)
Collapsed Lung
Aug 7, 2004
... One is born with weak spots in the lungs and with age they grow and weaken more. ... (7 replies)
Spots on Lungs
Feb 1, 2004
... a CT Scan 3 months after the initial spot to see if it was just scar tissue. The spot was small and another one showed up, They sent me for a PET Scan where the spots radiated or glowed, however, they said the spots were too small to biopsy. ... (3 replies)

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