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Lungs ache
Feb 1, 2008
... Recently ive been experiencing aches on my upper back where my lungs are located and near my ribs as well. Im a smoker but havent been smoking for long, about 3 months. ... (1 replies)
... This has just happened to me again Feeling like I can't breathe when walking It feels like the air is being squeezed out of me almost, I also get dizzy with it The strange thing is I was out on my mountain bike yesterday for an hour and breathing felt ok I have had it happen to me 4 or 5 times now, feels like my lungs are being squeezed and its always when walking,... (13 replies)
... After 3 months of being treated by various GP's with a plethora of antibiotics (all of which made me vomit) for several different infections from bronchitis to pneumonia, I was finally diagnosed by a specialist with Post TB bronchiectasis pseudomonas infection. I an underwent a very intensive 10 day treatment of I.V. Ceftazidime and Gentamicin. I was never told that I would... (0 replies)

... There's not any possible way to seek medical attention. I'm doing much better today then yesterday. The pain is mostly gone except an slow, dull ache in the middle of my back. ... (3 replies)
... I've had a cold for about a week now. It started with a tickling in my throat, then turned into post nasal drip, then came a stuffy nose, and then coughing. The stuffy nose cleared up first, followed by the post nasal drip, but the coughing has left my throat ragged and inflamed, and its affected my voice. They have been very hard coughs, where I can feel my ribs vibrate with... (3 replies)
Lungs ache
Feb 2, 2008
... edox, I'm not a doctor but I have read that Lung cancer generaly takes years to develope, and can be a silent killer. When you do begin to have symptoms, that usualy means it has spread or grown to a larger size. PLEASE take some advice from a current smoker, who has recently had part of their lung removed....You said you have only been smoking for 3 months, Your body is... (1 replies)
Pain In Both Lungs
Feb 27, 2005
... I had pain right above my nipples, felt like both lungs were aching, not severe, just an ache for 24 hours, mild coughing with clear phlegm, the pain stayed in the same spot, never got worse, and it seems when I laid down on my right side the pain went away....took my temp it was 99.7....any Ideas on this?.....scared the crap outta me...though it was a heart attack, but... (0 replies)
... productive, sometimes clear mucus, very rarely small amount of yellow thick mucus. Lungs are very tight feeling. Occasional wheezing that feels like it is in upper chest. Pain can also be felt in middle of back. I started taking previcid for GERD. ... (1 replies)
Feb 13, 2017
... I started with a left middle back ache 4 months ago which radiates into my shoulder and sometimes my side. ... (2 replies)
... On Sunday (18th) I woke up with a sore throat but it was fine and started to go by night. I went to bed at middnight and woke up at 2 unable to breathe. I went doctors Tuesday and got told I had a bad chest infection, by Tuesday middnight I couldn't breathe at all. I got taken to hospital, I was given oxygen and a nebuliser, they took blood and also blood from my artery, they... (0 replies)
... ok since last Monday while I was in the store a sharp pain went through my left lung and heart area. And from there it has become a dull ache in my upper back and my lungs feel like they weigh soooo much. ... (2 replies)
... When I go through bad spells, my lungs often ache, much like finishing a workout at the gym. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, My name is Kathi Smith. I'm a 51 year old woman. I've smoked for the past 26 years, about 6 cigarettes a day. I have mild COPD, according to a recent PFT test. I've suffered from chronic bronchitis since the age of 17. Recently, I started having isolated pain in both lungs...patchy ache, as well as an increased cough. I reported it to my doctor, and... (3 replies)
... I was starting to experience a dull ache in my sides, but the doctors discharged me. ... (1 replies)
... The fever has persisted for over two weeks now. I physically feel fine, beyond the fatigue and nagging pain under my shoulder blade and under my collarbone. The ache extends down my right arm and into part of my right hand. ... (0 replies)
I stop breathing.
Jul 13, 2010
... Often I have a head ache following one of these periods. Following a session I do deep breathing exercises taking deep breaths through my nose and exhaling through the mouth. ... (0 replies)
... Tricky one this but you might try and get your dr to look at fungal infection specifically Aspergillus sp. If your lungs arent working correctly its obvious your heart rate will rise compensating for increased work undertaken. ... (8 replies)
... I have GERDS. GERDS can cause copious amounts of phlegm and can come up in different consistancies and colors. The lungs and esophagus can fill with a fluid when they go into protection mode against stomach acid. ... (0 replies)
... hi guys i was hoping someone could give me a answer. I have been having a ache on and of in my back at the left around were4 my lung would be, no breathing problems, no wheezing, no shortness of breath and no cough at all. ... (0 replies)
... Doesn't look like many of us have been on site for a while. Perhaps all are busy with the Holiday's. Weather has really changed, and guess this the time I'm really feeling it in my lungs. Very short breath. Even though Dr. has put me on Spiriva along with Advair, don't walk too far without struggling for breath. Chest really hurts when I first wake up in the morning. This... (45 replies)

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