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... -Shortness of breath while sitting, eating, doing anything. -excessive sighing and yawning (without getting the "full" feeling in my lungs) -burning sensation in my chest (only a spot between my breasts where i imagine the "bridge" between the lungs are) -dizzyness I have been to my doctor twice in less than a week for breathing treatments (one time i just about... (5 replies)
Pnuemothorax 30%
Sep 22, 2015
... the same time I have pneumonia. I was given tons of antibiotics at home and hospital. I am still having some minor pain, and discomfort. My main concern is my lungs feel like I need to cough something up, I have a horrible migraine and just feel sick all the way around. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you! I am going to the doctors in the morning. A couple other people have told me it sounds like pleurisy also. I haven't been sick with a cold or anything though. The other night I felt a little feverish though so maybe that is part of it. I am prone to things happening to my lungs. Asthma, bronchitis every year at least once etc... (2 replies)

... It sounds like you could have pleurisy, which is inflammation of lining of lung and chest wall. It can come from infection, like a cold, bronchitis or pneumonia, or some autoimmune problems. I would see your Dr. who should listen to your lungs (may hear a "rub" from friction or signs of infection) and get a chest xray. Pleurisy does not always show up on xray or exam however,... (2 replies)
... ince last Monday while I was in the store a sharp pain went through my left lung and heart area. And from there it has become a dull ache in my upper back and my lungs feel like they weigh soooo much. My breathing is clear no wheezing or noise but it's like I have to manually breath bc they are heavy!! ... (2 replies)
... Hi Kathleen and welcome to the boards. I do not have pulmonary fibrosis but am at high risk for it because I have 2 connective tissue disorders (rheumatoid arthritis and lupus) and also at risk because of meds I take for those (Methotrexate). I have lived with shortness of breath with exertion for several years, have asthma and am on nighttime oxygen. I have an inkling what... (1 replies)
... t and ears very dry. also, I tend to feel a little bit nervous saying I am going to die. so what do you this causing this as my oxygen level, blood pressure, and lungs are still functioning like they should. thoughts on this. even when i go into other better air conditioned spaces I still feel the tightness. ... (0 replies)
Acute Pneumonitis
Aug 11, 2015
... If Acute Pneumonitis is caused by beryllium salts aerosolized into the smallest particles by the modern machining process and inhaled deeply into the victims lungs what is the prognosis? ... (0 replies)
... Constant cough and phlegm Hello I'm 20 and just wondering if someone can help I have had a constant cough for about 12 months it first started when I was pregnant I constantly cough up phlegm mostly clear and white it's worst in the mornig and the night time. I have had three chest X-rays since it started they said my lungs are clear I also last week found a lump in my neck... (1 replies)
... general health nut. My pulmonary embolisms were misdiagnosed for 6 weeks because the idiot docs kept telling me I had anxiety. Anyways, its been 5 months and my lungs are clear, yet I still can't breath normally. And no one seems to know anything. ... (1 replies)
... I'll be twenty one at the end of next month but next month I have my chest ct of my lungs done again. I got sick and had a bunch of scans done in October this past year no problem then in January I had a few and one showed a lump 10 mm around. ... (1 replies)
... to start OK over the past 2 weeks I have been noticing that when I do something other than sitting down be it walking up stairs or around the kitchen cleaning my lungs kind of burn and i feel out of breath once it comes on it can take a day to go back to being bearable again. ... (0 replies)
... My husband had coughed up blood tinged mucus, so went to emergency room, oxygen level at 60. Took chest xray, cat scan, he was spitting up so much blood could not keep oxygen mask on, intubated, took echo cardiogram, heart treat, took to ICU on October 12, still on October 24th the doctors don't know what it is. Took 58 blood tests, all came back negative, so they have him on... (0 replies)
... I had a ct of my chest done on Wednesday to check my lungs because I had an abnormal PFT with extremely low DLCO, and prior to that, experienced low pulse-ox following a surgery (80's). I'm a non-smoker and have never smoked and my doctor's office called this afternoon with my ct results. The test said I have a minimal collapsed airway with a small pericardial effusion. Does... (0 replies)
... A new update. PCP did a peak flow test. Dr. Let me try 6 times and as we know they take your top 3 numbers (which were my last) my lungs are at 70%. It was a little bit of a surprise to me. The only things I have noticed is cleaning products and sprays bothering my lungs. I am just waiting for my scan. I want a diagnosis already ;) happy Friday to all. (13 replies)
... ng to have my follow up lung scan later this month. Recently I have noticed sprays such as cleaning products and nail polish etc all bother me. I feel them in my lungs at times causing me to cough. This is something new. I also have a visit with the Pulmonary Dr. For a PFT after my scans. ... (13 replies)
... Hello and welcome to the message boards. Why would you want to hide spots on the lungs during an x-ray? For what reason? Is this for employment? (1 replies)
... How to hide spots on lungs during x-ray? (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm a newbie too. This is my first post. I too have scarring and nodules in my lungs and they were first discovered by accident during a kidney CT scan. That was back in 2005. I was told to stay away from sprays, smoke etc. ... (13 replies)
... My dad is 68 years old and he cannot tolerate the pain of inserting tubes in both lungs repeatedly. What other tests should be done? ... (0 replies)

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