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... On Sunday (18th) I woke up with a sore throat but it was fine and started to go by night. I went to bed at middnight and woke up at 2 unable to breathe. I went doctors Tuesday and got told I had a bad chest infection, by Tuesday middnight I couldn't breathe at all. I got taken to hospital, I was given oxygen and a nebuliser, they took blood and also blood from my artery, they... (0 replies)
Lungs won't expand
Sep 17, 2016
... Hi, I came looking because I have the same problem. I feel the need to take a deep breath often and when I do I very rarely feel satisfied afterwards. I feel like it's only a half breath. I cant even yawn completely. This has been going on for several months now and I wheeze a lot of the time on the intake of my breath. On top of all that I have an uncomfortable pain under... (2 replies)
Lung problem
Sep 5, 2016
... Thank you for the reply. No, they never checked the sputum;only fluid that was on the lung....almost like a cyst, but in the lung itself. I will check out the sites you provided. Thanks again. (2 replies)

Lung problem
Sep 5, 2016
... Was sputum or "fluid" from your lungs cultured for mycobacterium Glad it wasn't cancer. As for the incisional pain....that could be with you for a while. ... (2 replies)
Lungs won't expand
Aug 31, 2016
... I have that problem. I also have low oxygen saturation. But, I'm overweight and suffer with Failed Back Surgery pain. The Dr. did Pulmonary Function tests and they discovered Obesity Hypoventilation. Don't know why they call it that. I think can get if not overweight. Mine is caused by Central Sleep Apnea. My brain doesn't tell my muscles to contract and let me... (2 replies)
Lungs won't expand
Aug 30, 2016
... I have had a problem for a while where I can't get a deep enough breath. I don't smoke, have asthma, anxiety, allergies, or anything else. My heart rate gets really high sometimes. I've had all kinds of tests on my heart. What is going on? Also, I am regularly active and am a runner. The problem doesn't happen when I'm working out. (2 replies)
... I am not a doctor but I just wonder if the breathing issue is heart-related. A heartbeat between 90-100 is normal, but since it seems as if the doctors feel your issue is not unhealthy lungs, and you are on meds to bring your pressure down, the heart is a variable that needs to have more investigation since something is obviously still going on. Also, have you been blood... (3 replies)
Air trapping
Aug 25, 2016
... get in your lungs your white blood cells attack your lungs destroying them little by little. ... (2 replies)
Asthma Or COPD
Aug 23, 2016
... I was diagnosed with asthma three years ago.I use my peak flow meter daily but my lungs have not improved.It's always in the red zone at morning and night and only in the yellow zone after using my inhaler but never in the green. ... (0 replies)
Aug 11, 2016
... My doctor is saying i have emphysema. Today my lungs was hurting and i felt so sick. When this comes on i experience overwhelming fatigue and i keep dosing off from this fatigue. ... (1 replies)
... been doing pretty good since then. I have taken Levaquin a few times since then but I haven't had any of that in over a year. I still have mucous collect in my lungs and had it checked in 2015 and again recently and it grew out Stenotrophomonas maltophilia each time. I had never had that before. ... (1 replies)
... earch as you're able and make a list of questions for the doctors or family members if they are in contact. Ask what antibiotics he's taking and how much of his lungs are infected. Do a search on this site for e.coli pneumonia and see what other info you can find. ... (1 replies)
... My 80 y/o uncle recently got diagnosed with double pneumonia and they were thinking he may have TB, however his test came back positive for ecoli in the lungs. I have never heard of this but it does not sound very well. I do not live close so I cannot go and talk with the doctors myself. Any wisdom on the subject? thanks (1 replies)
... Since the lungs have no pain receptors, the pain you feel is not your lungs. Pleurisy or pneumonia can cause pain. ... (3 replies)
... I am almost 55 and I have COPD. I was wondering if any of you have that pain in your lungs that aches? ... (3 replies)
Pain in lungs
Oct 8, 2015
... I think you're past early signs of copd and emphysema and the hyperinflated lungs are a sign of that process. Have you had pulmonary function tests done? ... (2 replies)
Pain in lungs
Oct 7, 2015
... Hi all - I have been having pain across back and chest tightness for the past 4 years - had various scans etc nothing shows - except overinflated lungs - I am a previous smoker of 15 years - I have to sleep on 3 pillows to be able to breathe - I cannot tolerate exercise anymore I get breathless, my chest is always tight and have thick plem that I cannot get off my chest. If... (2 replies)
... to start OK over the past 2 weeks I have been noticing that when I do something other than sitting down be it walking up stairs or around the kitchen cleaning my lungs kind of burn and i feel out of breath once it comes on it can take a day to go back to being bearable again. ... (0 replies)
... My husband had coughed up blood tinged mucus, so went to emergency room, oxygen level at 60. Took chest xray, cat scan, he was spitting up so much blood could not keep oxygen mask on, intubated, took echo cardiogram, heart treat, took to ICU on October 12, still on October 24th the doctors don't know what it is. Took 58 blood tests, all came back negative, so they have him on... (0 replies)
... I had a ct of my chest done on Wednesday to check my lungs because I had an abnormal PFT with extremely low DLCO, and prior to that, experienced low pulse-ox following a surgery (80's). I'm a non-smoker and have never smoked and my doctor's office called this afternoon with my ct results. The test said I have a minimal collapsed airway with a small pericardial effusion. Does... (0 replies)

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