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Sep 27, 2012
... I was diagnosed with MAC/MAI and bronchietasis last year. At first it was believed I had infectious TB, but this was later ruled out after I nearly died from the antibiotics (4 different ones taken daily). After only 6 days on these meds I went into liver failure. The meds were stopped, of course, and after a long stay in the hospital, my ID doctor put me on different... (11 replies)
Jun 12, 2012
... I also used to watch this site for news on MAC/MAI. Makes me wonder if everyone has been cured. That would be great!! As for me, I continue without insurance thus unable to see my doctors. Haven't been on any medications for several months due to side effects. Had a periord where everything was going well - but lately have had increased shortness of breath, chest congestion... (11 replies)
... It's not a happy thought but welcome back to people who care about you. So sorry to hear you broncoscopy showed infections. Several MACer's have mentioned pseudomonas I hope the Cipro works quickly and completely. Not having been on the meds for a while maybe you have a strong case for them now? Tat evil MAC/MAI really does have a big family. When I was first diagnosed the... (73 replies)

... year. It was the last time when my cough wouldn't go away I wound up at a pulmonary doc. He treated me for 2 years of "unspecified" lung shadows because all the Mac tests were negitive. On what was to be my last visit to him he discovered the node in the left lung had grown and 2 weeks later I had a VATS biopsy. ... (73 replies)
... I finally saw my new pulmologist at Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. O'Donnell, recommended by Dr. Iceman at NJC. I am thrilled to find someone interested in my case, with a lot of openness, knowledge, experience, and interest. If anyone is looking for a specialist in their area, NJC seems to carry an informal list of specialists in different areas of the country - I'd... (1 replies)
... gene - I took the rifampin daily and by the 4th day, woke up in the middle of the night with fever, vomiting and shaking and chills. I was unable to get up out of bed for several days. The doctor wanted me to try again - he thought I had a virus - so I did try again - in fact I tried 2 more times and each time the same thing happened - vomiting, fever and chills. And I was... (85 replies)
... I know a quite a few people who have had MAC and are in remission. I think the doctors call it "remission" instead of a "cure". ... (85 replies)
... Yes, he did say I had bronchiactis. After all the research I've done on MAC/MAI over the past few days, I am pretty discouraged - seems to be a lot of possible complications. Reactions to the antibiotics, the bacteria becoming resistant, etc. Seems like many people are stuck with this for life rather than being cured. What are the chances of actually conquering this... (85 replies)
... I am in the Washington DC area. Does anyone know of a good MAC/MAI specialist? I'm about 20 minutes from NIH and about an hour from Johns Hopkins. Thanks. (0 replies)
... I'm wondering if these could be false positives, and if MAI mimics some of the characteristics of these. With three diseases, it is hard to figure out what causes what. ... (85 replies)
... Good to hear from you again jazzyj. Unfortunately it isn't with the best circustances. Have you been taking MAC meds and still got the psuedomonas ? ... (85 replies)
... Welcome pegkro! Your story is so familiar!! I am fighting to gain weight.I just keep eating mac and cheese and ice cream and popcorn. Not much else seems to have any flavor. ... (85 replies)
... fatigue and lack of appietiate. When I was diagnoised I weighed 114 lbs, In Sept. 07 was down to 98 lbs and now I am finally way up to 108!!! Thank heaven's for mac and cheese, ice cream and popcorn! That was and still is my main diet. Hang in there and know there is support here for you. ... (85 replies)
... It is so great having imput from everyone. I had no problem with the rafampin except for the orange draining from my pores. It was the ethambuol that gave me major difficulty with my night vision. I also had to take the azithromycin after food to avoid tummy trouble. It still isn't clear if the ethambutol has caused the neuropathy in my feet or if it's the spinal stenosis or... (85 replies)
... Reading the past posts got me so upset. I can't believe how the doctors are treating some of you!..or should I say NOT treating you!! That is so awful. I am so very very blessed that I have doctors who actually listen and care! My primary doc always gives me all the options then asks me how I want to go about treatment. He knows all the things wrong with me but not how they... (85 replies)
... sults, removed a bunch of lymph nodes that also looked supicious, until the results came in. They then knew it was an infectious process, but wasnt identified as MAI until approx three weeks. Well, at least thats when "I" found out. ... (85 replies)
Sep 26, 2012
... I was diagnosed with MAC and bronchiectasis four years ago. ... (11 replies)
Sep 18, 2012
... It does seem more and more people are contracting MAC. Originally it was thought to be women who had it most. Thin,caucasian,past a certain age, with lung problems. Now it seems everyone is at risk. My pulmonary doc told me his father in law has it, a male friend of mine just found out he has it too. Sad to say but maybe more illness means research will increase. No one seems... (11 replies)
Aug 27, 2012
... Will ask my lung doctor if the bacteria in the mucous that comes up out of my lungs at night be causing the erosion of my enamel on my teeth. Anyone else with MAC and bronchiectasis have this problem? ... (11 replies)
Jun 13, 2012
... ious. Now the wait 6 months and see mode. I noticed my breathing is getting worse. I love gardening but now have to take lots of breaks. I don't know if it's the MAC or the COPD. I have been off the Spriva inhaler for a few months because of the expense. Just waiting for October and Medicare. ... (11 replies)

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