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... Hi Sharon, This is Kathy’s son again. I just noticed some new posts and that you were wondering about Kathy. Sorry if this post is too long…….I’ll make it brief as possible. My mom was released from the hospital Saturday Nov. 5th. If you remember she was admitted on Oct. 18th. Her doctor NEVER really said that she had Pneumonia…and NEVER really addressed that her... (237 replies)
... that doesnt do anything physical will be going at the same rate, will tire approx. 15 minutes into the hour. I've always figured my body had a problem utilizing oxygen due to the fact that my breathing rate is normally very fast and my heart is faster than average. ... (3 replies)
... Oh! I've been taking a Vitamin B complex and also magnesium, I started these after reading about the antioxident benefits they have, and my Doc. said "Great!". ... (19 replies)

... who got emphysema and cirrhosis of the liver! I just sat here and cried! Everything I'm reading about it doesn't sound good. I have not read one encouraging thing yet. ... (22 replies)
... ot the same as it is in America. I only say this because I was in America several years ago and saw quite a few people every day going about their business with oxygen tanks attached ...even a bus driver. I have been in Scotland for over 13 years and have yet to see one person on oxygen outside of a hospital. ... (1 replies)
Dec 3, 2004
... oxygen. We have two Oxygen concentrators in the house. ... (16 replies)
... ations for getting the machine. However, my great pulmonogist reordered a sleep test and I certainly qualified then. It has been a great help...also now I have oxygen that does directly into my machine for nights. It has worked wonders for me. I don't have the have much oxygen during the day. ... (4 replies)
Cant Breathe
Jun 9, 2004
... It All Started I Could Not Breathe And I Woke The Next Morning Still Coulnt Breathe I Was Thinking Bout It All The Time! Anyways I Went To The Er Had 100 Percent Oxygen They Said U Can Breathe! Im Like Ok Went Back Like 3 More Times In That Week . The Only Weird Thing Is My Throat Was Swollen Up ! ... (1 replies)
... First of all, congratulations on quitting smoking. That's a real accomplishment. I've heard of a lot of people having acid reflux that causes shortness of breath and asthma symptoms. Sometimes treating the acid reflux (commonly known as GERD) will take the symptoms of shortness of breath away. Ask your doctor about Nexium. Your doctor may be thinking that at night... (8 replies)
... Hi. I'm in need of some info. A year and a half ago, I began getting a sensation of shortness of breath all the time - not the type of thing that's just during exercise or anything, but all the time. It would last for weeks, seem to get better, come back and last for weeks, seem to get better. I have had EKGs, chest xrays, the little oxygen clip on your finger tests (mine... (8 replies)
... I do recall reading somewhere that the paper bag thing shouldn't be done if you have asthma or something like that.......but I get all kinds of conflicting info..... ... (21 replies)
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Sep 10, 2003
... rcise more and more. I just want to tell you that maybe some of the med's you might be on can cause uncontrolable diseases like my husbands. If it weren't for me reading up in the pill book for side effects of his medications, I might not have my husband today. ... (9 replies)
... messages posted every day. You kind of get to "know" the people there. Some have mild problems, and some are on oxygen 24 hours a day and can't get around much. Some are also on oxygen 24 hours a day and do a LOT of stuff!! ... (8 replies)
... On the topic of the o2 probe reading normal -- that's usually one of the last things to go, and if you're doing a good job of compensating by working real hard to breathe, then the o2 probe would read normal. Other blood tests to look seriously at low oxygen would possibly be blood-gas tests but if all it shows is that you're hyperventilating, I don't know what to say. ... (3 replies)
... I'd be less inclined to believe the oxygen level. ... (8 replies)
... or when reading aloud. That is when the lightheadedness tends to come on. ... (9 replies)

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