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... Right ear has varying levels of hearing and has been that was since roughly the same date when I was about 8 and at one point I was pronounced deaf in that ear while having a routine check up. ... (5 replies)
... I had a spontaneous pnemothorax on March 1993, and celebrated in January of 1996 with yet another reoccurance. I'd like to tell you about both experiences. ... (32 replies)
... Calcification granuloma right lower lobe mild patchy density in long face left greater than right. Impression increased density in lung base greater than right can reflect bibasilar atelectasis cannot rule out. Recommend clinical consultation follow up. ... (3 replies)

... I am new here and i am hoping to get some advice or suggestions from people who have experience in these problems, or have been through them. ... (1 replies)
... a bit of a rattle in my chest when breathing, slight shortness of breath, achyness, fatigue, headache, possibly mild fever. I'm not sneezing, no runny nose at all, etc. ... (0 replies)
... I would switch doctors and actually go to one that listens to you. Just a case in point, over the past two weeks I have been experiencing severe shortness of breath. ... (9 replies)
... yeah, I think the worry is the worst part to be honest. Smoking has stopped... I did hear back from the doctor though. He said, "Your CT scans came back normal, there was nothing found that would cause the pain on your right side. This is great news. ... (3 replies)
... up call and stop. If you have some type of respiratory symptoms, then get them checked out. Otherwise, just follow up on the nodule as the doctors recommend but in the mean time, live your life. Don't waste time worrying or reading a bunch of scary stuff on the internet. ... (3 replies)
... because I was having some pretty severe pains on my right flank... and like what seems to be many others, they came upon a 3. ... (3 replies)
... well i went for a 2nd opinion a week later. did an EKG, regular stress test, and then an echo at rest. on the report, it said: normal pulmonary pressure, but when i asked the dr. what it was he said "normal." i then asked him what the number was and he said again "normal." i said well can u tell me the #? and he said "its under 25." i feel like he just said that to shut me up... (8 replies)
... ust how scary it is when you loose your breathing, Although I have other very serious medical issues, this is the first time dealing with shortness of breath and pain when breathing so I can really relate to your fear and anxiety over the possibility of a lung related illness. ... (8 replies)
... attacks in 4 weeks time, after which I went to the doctor, she prescribed an inhaler to take two times daily and a rescue inhaler. ... (5 replies)
Collapsed lung
Sep 14, 2011
... One rib was cut, ribs spread and the incision scar is from under my right breast, around the side and curved up just past my right shoulderblade. I asked my surgeon how big my ribs were spread, and he said...big enough to get my hand up to the top of the chest to fix the blebs..uh, yikes! ... (7 replies)
... I've been experiencing shortness of breath for almost two months now, no matter what I'm doing. It's always there in the background. It's worse when I climb up or down a flight of stairs, or walk quickly, or bend down to pick something up. ... (0 replies)
... I was a smoker, and the Dr's involved assumed that my problem had to be lung cancer. I had 2 CT's without contrast, and had numerous nodules in both lungs, but because I had had many bouts of pneumonia, they considered them as scar tissue, and continued to treat me for COPD. ... (8 replies)
... and nausea and unable to eat or drink anything. The meds were stopped after 6 days and I went to ER and ended up in hospital isolation room for 6 days with near liver failure. On the 5th. ... (8 replies)
Bit of a Mystery
Apr 29, 2011
... so I've had the small room for a long time. I have noticed that each year in winter I get progressively sicker. Finally, this year, right in the middle of these past six weeks, I mentioned that I thought the walls had damp. ... (12 replies)
... in late August. On the day of surgery I had a muscle spasm in my side. I told the Dr.'s..ect. no one seemed concerned that it would effect my surgery. ... (0 replies)
Collapsed lung
Jul 14, 2010
... my lung collapse 2 times first time they put a tube in and brought it back up the 2nd time they stapled it back up now many years later i am having pain today have for 5 day on the right side near my breast in my rib cage can my lung go back down once its stapled up? ... (7 replies)
... I have some upper back pain, stiffness, but it hurts to breathe only when i bend forward, or slump, when i stand straight it does not. I have also been having some right arm pain. ... (0 replies)

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