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... Ive been smoking marujuana for 10 years, never had any problems. Since I got two cats. 1.5 years ago. I started to cough up clear phelm. Now since November 2006, i have to clear my throat by spiting out white phelm. Its active for me now, everyday 10-30 times a day i need to spit out the white phelm. I spoke to my doctor last week. He took a sample of my spit and asked me... (3 replies)
... I have been coughinf and gagging for over 3 years. Ten doctors have not figured it out. Tickles like crazy and sometimes phelm comes out. At least 4 doctors have said it is acid reflux ,after trying every medicine on the market for allergies,etc. I have no other effect of acid reflux. ... (5 replies)
... If your coughing up phelm then your doctor needs to look at this further. Somtimes phelm production is about clearing the lungs out for the better, in other cases it can be somthing that needs further investigations. ... (3 replies)

Really scared
Mar 20, 2010
... He says he feels like he has a ball of phelm caught in his chest area. ... (16 replies)
Sep 25, 2009
... can you give me home remedies to get rid of phelm from your chest cold? ... (0 replies)
... t and water drops and it work but then when i eat it just happens again the phelm and the stffy noase any ideas... ... (0 replies)
... em too concerned with these results and cancelled the bronchoscopy since the CT results showed just a small "hazy infiltrate" in my upper lobe. He now ordered a phelm test to test for bacteria there. He hasn't ruled on MAC but ruled out Valley Fever so that's good. He thinks it may just be bacterial pneumonia. ... (25 replies)
... I've been fighting with bronchitis and sinus infection for the last 5+ weeks. I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics. Doc gave me some kind of cough syrup the first time and it helps. However, I'm still coughing up clear/white phelm. She said everything sounds good, but I rattle when I cough. I have a tendency to have sinus problems and had surgery for it 15 yrs. ago and they... (8 replies)
... why do i get phlegm when i eat? i know i have food allergies, dairy, gluten,sugar,fatty fooos,pigmeat,egg yolk . but i stay away from that n eat speaical foods... but when i eat fruit or spicy food nearly anything-including speacial food i get phelm, why is this? (1 replies)
... last night I was at my boyfriend's house and he and his mother both smoke. I came home coughing and with horrible post nasal drip AND a sore throat just like you said.. This has never happened before this summer I mean-- I used to smoke, myself. So, it sucks soooo much. But anyway, when I'm at my house with no smoke, my symptoms seem to fade a lot. Because, no one smokes here... (3 replies)
... I've been suffering with what I thought was a head/chest cold for two months. Coughing up white phlegm too. Went to two doctors who have said I have adult onset allergies. I have not been tested yet, but I've noticed a sensitivity to cigarette smoke. I live in a top level condo; folks below are heavy smokers--the smell of cigarettes comes into my unit via shared air... (3 replies)
... Ive been dealing with white phlegm and a cough for almost this entire summer. I used to smoke but I haven't for a long time. Smoke causes me to cough and produce more phlegm though. My theory is I developed an allergy to cats and when I came home for the summer it became active. Maybe you're mildly mildly allergic to something, or maybe the smoke is finally getting to you.... (3 replies)
... rom the minute i wake up to when i sleep., also about a month after the dry cough started, i have a tight thoat and Hoarseness. i also started seeing blood in my phelm and when i blow my nose. the blood is bright red. i had a chest xray done and it came back with out any abnormalities. my dr. ... (8 replies)
... My son is 43 yr old and asthmatic. He quit smoking last October. This winter was a bad one for him. He had chronic bronchial infections and was treated with predisone and antibiotics. Numerous lung x rays were taken only one showed an inactive cluster of TB cells. Repeat x rays did not show this. My question is although there is no fever and sputum has tested negative... (6 replies)
... Have an embarrassing question that is probably pretty obvious but here it is. I was just recently diagnosed w/ acute bronchitis. Its been about a week now and I feel a little better. Phelm and fatigue/fever is gone. Coughing is down to a minimum. However, I have noticed some chest pain in the area of my heart that last for a few seconds and may return later. It doesn't... (2 replies)

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