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... r having shoulder replacement surgery in 2003, I was unable to breathe normally. Tests showed my right lung was partially collapsed and I was told I probably had phrenic nerve damage. The possibility of having a phrenic nerve stimulator implant has recently been suggested as a possible solution. ... (0 replies)
... too have right side diaphragm paralysis. I have found extreme exercise to the point of heavy breathing three times a week has helped to some extent. Cause was damage to the Phrenic nerve while having my right shoulder repaired. The Dr. used a block to perform the operation and the nerve was either nicked or cut. ... (10 replies)
... After several months of this, on the recommendation of an acquaintance with nerve damage, I saw a massage therapist who concentrated on working in the C5 area of my back. ... (10 replies)

... for tfoster4329 or anyone else with phrenic nerve issues: Have you any other information on your condition? I ask as I am in kind of the same situation. Had neck surgery a year ago and problems ever since. Would love some help as I am despondent about it. Thanks so much! (10 replies)
... visit is in March to a muscle specialist... my genetic doctor thought it might be a type of dystrophy of the muscles... I'm still hoping it is just a damaged phrenic nerve from neck surgery I had a month or so before my breathing problems began... ... (10 replies)
... Lastly, does anyone know anything about the possibility of the phrenic nerve ever regenerating? ... (10 replies)
... lung. turns Diaphragm was not allowing my lung to expand...not knowing what the doc was saying to me...I had to go home to look on the Phrenic nerve is now I can't breath right....the pain was getting worse by the minute. First he said it would take a couple days.... ... (1 replies)
... ulder. It hurts when I take a deep breath. For the longest time I was blaming it on gas from surgury. But this far out my surgeon says it may be due to diaphragm damage and the phrenic nerve runs up into the shoulder. What would cause damage to the diaphragm during surgery? ... (1 replies)
Paralyzed diaphram
Mar 15, 2010
... If you have phrenic nerve damage you might be a candidate for a new procedure! ... (9 replies)
... If you have phrenic nerve damage you might be a candidate for a new procedure! ... (10 replies)
... and he diagnosed phrenic nerve damage. I also was given a script for Combivent and Serevent inhalers. ... (1 replies)
... Right here goes, I have been diagnosed with a paralyzed and elevated right diaphragm. I've read that the right lung is larger than the left - does this mean that the right side being diagnosed is worse than if it was the left and what are the chances of the left diaphragm going too? I have asthma, ora facial granulomatous, a swollen and painful poritid (might be spelled... (10 replies)
... wow, what a trip. Sorry to hear that they could not find anything concrete to help you on your way to recovery. If you ever hear anything, please let us know ~ and I'll do the same for you too. Take care, me (10 replies)
... Don and Sundance, As I promised in my last post, here's an update on my paralysed diaphraghm per visits to my Pulminary and Heart specialists today. My pulminary doc could not determine ,from the several tests that were done, what is the specific cause. Neither he nor my cardiologist could find any lack of blood flow from the heart to the lungs. Nor could they connect the... (10 replies)
... Don I too have paralyzed right lung diaphram. Cause for it unknown. Worked OK in December 2006 but I caught something called CDiff in the hospital and after I recovered from that intentinal desease, I developed shortness of breath. Last Friday the Doctor confirmed that my right lung diaphram was not operating. I see the Doctor again on Tuesday to see if there is anthing that... (10 replies)
... Hi Don! I am curious, did you ever find out what the cause of your paralzed lung was? Sure doesn't make any sense does it? Please let me know, for I am in the same boat and I am dying to know if we are using the same oar... Thank you, Sundance:wave: (10 replies)
... Check out information on Phrenic Nerve damage... ... (31 replies)
... trollable burping, numbness on left side of face and arm, and pain in the left shoulder. One doctor said it's anxiety and "find a hobby" doctor said Vagus Nerve damage and both prescribed meds for their diagnosis. ... (19 replies)
... Three months ago after enjoying fifty years of great health, I was hospitalized with stomach infection symptoms. Had a ct scan and one hour later I had what was diagnosed as winging scapula. One week later, I developed diaphragm paralysis. No one can provide cause or explanation. I had an upper gi endoscopy with biopsy. Could this be the cause?: (10 replies)
... d on the right side. When the radiologist asked to him to "sniff" and the diaphragm didn't move the radiologist said the diaphragm was paralyzed on one side. The nerve that controls the diaphragm is the phrenic nerve and now it's calimed it was damaged during his surgery. His surgery wasn't typical for open heart. ... (7 replies)

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