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... lling in my throat which was dismissed as some sort of viral infection. Shortly after the decadron dose I developed an awful cough and lung pain. Really bad lung pain right in the center of my chest, right between my breasts. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I had pneumonia and have had abnormal chest xrays ever since. The lung doctor wants to do a CT scan and I am worried. I also have allergic asthma. ... (3 replies)
... ray a couple of days later, so I toughed it out. Over the next couple of days I started to feel increased pain when coughing and the amount of blood I was coughing up increased. ... (1 replies)

... ng else wrong with me right now. I've actually always had very good health, and the only other time I've ever had any trouble at all with my lungs was when I got pneumonia when I was 13. ... (2 replies)
Lungs Biopsy
Dec 31, 2012
... My mother was hospitalized with pneumonia, and the doctors found a spot on her lung that they suspected to be cancer. After a CT scan, they performed a needle biopsy of her lung but still report is negative than another doctor suggeted TBNA- TBNA is a non-surgical procedure used to collect tissue for diagnosis and staging of different chest diseases but report was negative and... (0 replies)
SP Panic
Dec 22, 2012
... and a still have a lot of pain around the base of my lung especially if i deep breathe. ... (0 replies)
SP Panic
Dec 22, 2012
... and a still have a lot of pain around the base of my lung especially if i deep breathe. ... (1 replies)
... it's just painful to swallow. Is pain swallowing an indicator of pneumonia or something else going on? ... (0 replies)
... even with pain medication nothing seems to ease this. I've had a lung function test, but so far no follow up appointment with the consultant. ... (0 replies)
Mom with COPD
May 25, 2012
... Hiya, Firstly I am so so sorry to hear of your situation, a lot of people I think don't realise how horrible Emphysema is. I am in a similar situation in some ways. My dad was diagnosed with the disease 5 or 6 years ago, however, neither or my parents told me about it until about a year and a half ago. His condition has majorly deteriorated since they told me, he has a... (2 replies)
Mom with COPD
Mar 26, 2012
... ot feeling well diarrhea, vomiting, and back pain. My father decided she needed to get to the hospital and called the ambulance. She had Pneumonia. Right lobe Pneumonia which they thought was from her swallowing wrong. She declined fast and ended in ICU but came out better than ever. ... (2 replies)
... I'm new here and glad to have discovered this forum. I would be grateful for any thoughts on my situation. Background: Have had pneumonia 5 times when I was a smoker (quit in 1984). Over the past couple of years I noticed I was more short of breath. Last winter it became really quite a problem. My weight dropped from 122 to 112, I was exhausted and so cut back on my work.... (0 replies)
Lung issue
Nov 18, 2011
... What meds were you put on for the pneumonia and pain meds afterward? ... (1 replies)
... ain why he and the radiologist were so concerned. he goes over everything again. he is still convinced. i finally get out of the hospital where they say i had pneumonia and pleurisy. ... (0 replies)
... I was a smoker, and the Dr's involved assumed that my problem had to be lung cancer. I had 2 CT's without contrast, and had numerous nodules in both lungs, but because I had had many bouts of pneumonia, they considered them as scar tissue, and continued to treat me for COPD. When, yet again, I came in to the Dr's with severe compromised breathing, they did a CT with contrast... (8 replies)
Bit of a Mystery
May 10, 2011
... double pneumonia though? ... (12 replies)
Advice -ASAP!
May 2, 2011
... Do I need to find a new doc ASAP?? I am concerned about the MD I was sent to with lung problem-may have COPD, too sick for the real tests. been on one set of meds from internist since last Monday, finally got in to see refered pulmonary doc last Thursday. he added more meds (will list below). The pulmonary doc's card says Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine... (0 replies)
Bit of a Mystery
Apr 16, 2011
... Hi there, I'm new to these boards and have lurked here for a considerable amount of time, especially with all the added stress I have from my new mystery condition. A quick timeline recap: Christmas to late February - repeated chest infections. At christmas suffered bout of Pneumonia. Also suffered a lot of mucus being coughed up. My nose is clear, and post nasal drip... (12 replies)
... e, I had issues with waking in the night gasping for air, but really, no shortness of breath otherwise. When I'd attempt to smoke marijuana again, the cough and pain in the right lung would return every single time. I quit completely. Oh, and I did smoke cigarettes. ... (2 replies)
... s has been going on for 4 months, my legs are swollen and whereas initially the swelling was below my knee it is now progressing to above my knee, i am in great pain and walking like an 80 year old, i am due back in 3 weeks for another lung biopsy but fear i will be half dead by then!! Can someone please please help me? ... (1 replies)

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