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Pnuemothorax 30%
Sep 22, 2015
... Hi, I don't know where to turn and didn't get the best information when I left the hospital. On 9/6/2015 I had a 30% Pnuemothorax treated at the ER with a chest tube followed by 5 days in the hospital. I found out at the same time I have pneumonia. I was given tons of antibiotics at home and hospital. I am still having some minor pain, and discomfort. My main concern is... (0 replies)
... Hi all. A friend directed me to this board and I am so grateful. 3 weeks ago I suffered a 20% pnuemothorax of my lleft lung. The hospitzal sent me home saying it would heal itself and that was that. 3 nights later, I rolled over in bed and coughed and my husband ended up calling 911 becase I couldn't speak move or breathe. The hospital determined that my right lung had... (9 replies)
... were done to rule out things that would kill me, like pnuemothorax or embolism. I have no idea if a heart problem would show up in either of those. ... (3 replies)

... Hi everyone; I wanted to post my med story and see if anyone could pass on advice and just to talk through some of the frustration this issue is causing. I was a Federal Air Marshal for a few years prior to my lung collapse. I was flying around 3 to 4 flights a day, 5 maybe 6 days a week (not to mention the very long flights over seas). I had been having trouble breathing... (9 replies)
... My husband had a pnuemothorax and a thoracotomy in 1990. He had giant bullae. 1 was the size of a cantalope. ... (4 replies)
... Quincy, It has been a long time since I have checked out this forum; I have been busy at the rare diseases forum:) thanks alot for you'r reply and input. My son is now 19, and is hard headed for sure. I wish he would atleast stay on the preventive inhaler; I think it's called azmacort. I was told it keeps the inflamation down, and especially when he has gotten sick (flu or... (7 replies)
Can't breath right
May 15, 2005
... Pnuemothorax could cause the symptoms of carbon dioxide in the lungs. I am not positive of the exact type of pnuemo or the facts about it, but I remember reading it in the information my dfoctor gave me recently when I had mine. My best advice is that if your dr said he doesn't know why your lungs did that, you should see a different dr. (8 replies)
... Mine wasn't much either 2 days out of surgery :0( but I was just happy to be with my family :) (9 replies)
... wow, I don't think I could take care of young children and still recover. I've been lucky that my wife has handled that for me. She didn't get a Mothers Day. (9 replies)
... Me too. They are slightly different than what I am used too. At any rate, I am trying to recover while caring for a 3 yr old and a 9 yr old. NOT easy (9 replies)
... Thanks, bella, just reading about other people's experiences and comparing them to mine is a great help. This board has been quite informative. I had a little trouble getting used to the rules at first and I was even banned a couple times. The moderator graciously returned my privileges prior to my surgery. (9 replies)
... I sure do hope you feel better. You can always email me. I can't give many answers but I understand too well what you are feeling. please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ] (9 replies)
... Sorry you all had to go throught that. As I said in other threads, I had a lobectomy and I'm still leaking. It sounds like my pain is pretty much what you folks experienced. You only sleep a few hours at a time and feel really crummy when waking up. I used to only drink tea, but since the surgery, I've started drinking lots of coffee. I need it to feel clear-headed. (9 replies)
... Hey Mango (And Hi Bella. Haven't I seen you somewhere befere? :wave: :wave: ) That tube is the worst thing I've ever experienced. The pain and general discomfort associated with it can't be compared to anything else I've ever endured. I too don't like taking pain meds and usually avoid them. However, my doc explained to me that if you are in constant pain you will not... (9 replies)
... Well, first of all, you won't feel better until that tube is out, and even then you won't be 100%. When I had the tube in, which lasted a total of almost 2½ weeks I slept maybe 2 or 3 hours in 24 hours. Why 25 days? Is surgery not an option? This is only my second pnuemo, so I don't know anything about taking the tube home with you. Secondly, If you aren't working, you should... (9 replies)
... I've got a tube in right now that has been in for 25 days. My doctor says I can go back to work about a week after I get my tube out. That date is still up in air depending on when my lung stops leaking. Tell me how you feel in the morning because I don't understand why I feel so incredibly crappy. I don't take meds during the night because I don't want to feel groggy in... (9 replies)
... Hello, For the past week now I've had pain on the right side about midway down my back. The pain is what I would consider severe whenever I cough or sneeze. I cringe when I feel one coming on. It started out only as a mild pain that I felt when I coughed. Over the past few days it's become worse and now I feel a deep pain even when I don't cough or sneeze. It just... (2 replies)

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