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... Pulmonary Sarcoidosis:Most common in African Americans and people of European-particularly Scandinavian- decent. Can't give web sites, but one sure way of finding out if this could be a possibility. Bronchoscopic Biopsy is the test you want done. Common lung symptoms are:dry coughing, trouble brathing, wheezing or pain with breathing, chest pain, tightness, or discomfort. ... (48 replies)
... Willow, look up on the computer Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. This may answer some of your questions. (48 replies)

... go back to work straight after Christmas, he needs to as our income will be stopped!!! I have spoken to my Dr about my hubby and she says it is the inside of his lung that will be scarred, so this is what is and will be causing the problems. ... (48 replies)
... I think you are doing thr right thing by getting a second opinion, i would do the same thing. I have no medical experience but how can they tell you have lung cancer without doing a biopsy and other things. ... (48 replies)
... He can feel a stange sensations down his side when he deep breathes. 2 months ago xrays showed a shadow on his lung. He had fluid on the lung which needed draining, but hubby refused so dr said it will take time but he will get better. ... (48 replies)
... ever happened before!n He comes home and sleeps, if he has a day off he sleeps. He feels very worn out. I am concerned this is a sign of something to do with his lung problem. I told him not to leave the job, as if this accident has caused him to be like this we need to find out what help we can get. ... (48 replies)
... ts of something called bronchitis, which is just inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs, but can cause the same symptoms you have described. That shadow on his lung is another matter. You need to push the doctors more for some answers. ... (48 replies)
... I'm sorry for your loss, specially with such horrible conditions. I can't imagine going through what you had to witness and I am at a loss for words. I hope you will find peace in your heart and will be able to relax and forget. I know it must be hard to not have everything running in your head again and again, but try to distract yourself sometimes, so your mind can rest. ... (48 replies)
... i still keep thinking i am stuck in a bad dream. Dad went downhill so very fast i just cant believe it. Please take comfort in the fact that dad did NOT die from lung cancer, we are still waiting on the results for that. ... (48 replies)
... ey still have not confirmed dads diagnosis. I have rung the hospital 4 times a day everyday but they keep saying the results are not back. They are draining dads lung AGAIN today as it has fluid on it again. Dad does not look too good at the moment, he seems to be slowly getting worse but this could be his copd. ... (48 replies)
... that meant and he said it can be a sign of something sinister. In the end i asked to speak to Dads consultant, he told me straight he feels that dad probably has lung cancer and probably only has about 2 months left to live. ... (48 replies)
... ing well, still feeling stronger and able to do a bit more every day. He included deep breathing to his routine, as we heard Lance Armstrong did that when he had lung cancer. It seems to be working. ... (48 replies)
... alth one. I guess it is the same everywhere that you are basically on your own if you get sick. My husband had been laid off the week before the problem with the lung started because they didn't have work for him. At least they say that when they have work he can come back if he wants. ... (48 replies)
... HI, they have not said the lung collapsed at all, but they didnt even xray at first, they took 2 months before they finally xrayed him, so i do wonder if the lung collapsed and then rightened itself before they took the xray. ... (48 replies)
... Does the Doc think he might have had a collapse of his lung that can cause scaring and he will be short out of breathe. good luck and god bless you for your strength. ... (48 replies)
... lung, what on earth does that mean. Hubby didn't have the brains to ask either. I am just so grateful that nothing bad was found, i really am. But this damaged lung business and come back at the first hint of a chest infection ? ... (48 replies)
... If your hubby has a lot of water pushing his lung up, I think when he takes a deep breath the lung would go upward towards the shoulder and there passes the nerve that goes into the arm and it could squeeze it a bit and give him the sensation on the arm. ... (48 replies)
... uld possibly have scarring of the lung, so i dont really know what to think and to be honest i dont think the dr does either. Going back to you hubby having his lung drained and it showing accute inflammation, i will say that when mum had hers drained it showed straight cancer cells, they never mentioned any inflammation. ... (48 replies)
... Usually around the acupuncture schools they have clinics where you can go and it is much cheaper than the regular price. That could help your husband's lung and also his whole body. ... (48 replies)

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