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... i immdiatly got this sensation of a swelling in my throat and it felt like every time I swallowed I was swallowing my Tongue. I was fine ten mins later after drinking loads of water. ... (0 replies)
... I am a 23 year old female. I was a social smoker but have not smoked for a while. For the past two months I have had a very tight chest. ... (1 replies)
... The tightness in my chest has comeon today all day, and I have a sinus cold. The drainage is going down the back of my throat, causing irritating emitting a cough, and my voice is raspy. ... (0 replies)

... I noticed today after I had a sneeze attack my throat felt kind of swollen and my chest or lungs feel kind of tight. ... (2 replies)
... I get muscles spasms in chest and back, strange sensations like someone is poking me or pushing a hand against me. ... (0 replies)
... I forget to take the Advair this morning and I could tell ....the lungs didn't feel as normal. It's a weird feeling... ... (7 replies)
... trust me...this will cause that awful feeling in your chest, I suffer with it, so I know. It feels like something heavy is sitting on your chest, your chest feels very tight, and eventually it will have a "bruised" feeling, because of the tightness. It truly makes me want to cry... ... (1 replies)
... My upper chest, in my lung areas, closer to the middle of my chest it tightens up. My chest, and throat feel all clammy and very weird feeling, and my back behind my shoulder blades tenses up. ... (1 replies)
... Scaring and cancer are not tied to one another, or in other words scaring won't cause cancer. There are lots of things that can cause scaring in the upper lung area. I know bronchitis is one, and other similar traumas to the lungs. In my case the scaring is noticible on x-ray in the lower lobes, especially in the right lung, but a biopsy shows that the scaring is through... (8 replies)
... i did do some reading on the scarring of lungs(pulmonary Fibrosis) can my situation get worst? my dr says not to worry, he said he didnt see the actual cat scan images yes, but just read the report. the report said i had a mild scarring on top of one of my lungs. this is pretty frightening. can the other symptoms all be related to this? constant pressure in chest... (8 replies)
... i took the cat scan and the dr said i had mild lung scaring on top of one of my lungs. he said i shouldn't worry about this.. does anyone know what can cause lung scaring and should i be concerned about cancer? thanks (8 replies)
... I'm 24 years old, and for the last two months I have had difficulty breathing. My chest constantly feels tight, like I can't get enough air down into my lungs and I want to yawn a lot. ... (30 replies)
... productive cough, fatigue, tight chest and sore throat. ... (6 replies)
... been having breathing problems when sleeping and lying down for a few years. My nose gets blocked as soon as I lie down, and I often wake gasping for breath. My chest and ribs often feel sore, it feels muscular. ... (3 replies)
... Wow, it definitely could be epsecitally since I discovered something else today that is very strange - if I press firmly on the part of my neck that is just to the left of the adam's apple area it suddenly seems as though everything clears up: I can get a nice full clean deep breath, the muscles all around there seem to relax, I start to feel much better, etc. I'd love to... (34 replies)
... Sometimes, when your chest is tight, pressing down on your throat can make your lungs feel bigger. Could that be what's going on? ... (34 replies)
... ile I laugh at how long I have been searching for answers to this problem. I've got another pulmonory function test scheduled, a swallow test and a laparoscopic throat exam within the next month. I doubt they'll find anything and I will be told, as usual, it's all in my head. ... (34 replies)
... Also, in the last 6 weeks my throat feels tight, its hard to swallow, but not painful, my GP says he cannot feel any swelling but it certainly feels like it is. ... (1 replies)
Aug 16, 2008
... from a tight throat and always looks like her ribs are pulled up and shoulders up around her ears,she does not suffer from much weezing more a dry sensation in throat and chest like there is no mucus at all,she says it feels like her lungs are dry. ... (3 replies)
... say he did I think it was 5 biopsies and was to send culture and do a wash. Yesterday I felt really really bad and never dressed. I felt like something was in my throat and lungs I couldn't get up or cough. Also keep clearing my throat and my chest hurt. Today was better. My great grandson came and so did his Dad. ... (217 replies)

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