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Pain in lungs
Oct 7, 2015
... I cannot tolerate exercise anymore I get breathless, my chest is always tight and have thick plem that I cannot get off my chest. ... (2 replies)
... f coughed up sputum showed levels of Eosinophil that topped the scale, a strong indication of poor asthma control. Other tests showed that the deeper areas of my lungs were in poor shape. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, My Hiatal-Hernia definitely has an effect on my breathing. What medication are you on that helps your H.H. I am also Asthmatic and in 42 yrs have never left my medication off once, so I know its not that that has a bearing on my breathing. Solofelix. (13 replies)

... Another update, I just had an endoscopy and consulted with a GI doc. Other than minor hiatal hernia, all looks really good, he said. The HH isnít showing any inflammation so my meds are doing a good job keeping it under control. So now Iím more unclear than ever before about how to deal with my symptoms. My heart, upper GI, and lungs (asthma) all are good. Iíve made... (13 replies)
... For example, yesterday my ribs were tight all day, I seem to be able to control it when seated, but as soon as I start moving around it seems to make it worse, and start getting muscle spasms. ... (0 replies)
... I have the exact thing going on with my lungs right now. I feel fine all day, then at night, my chest gets uncomfortably tight and I have coughing spells. When I wake up it all comes up and goes away. ... (13 replies)
... morning it is less noticeable but still feels like my left lung is not working to full capacity. I will also occasionally think I hear a gurgle or wheeze in my lungs that quickly stops. I also have a few times felt short of breath like my left lung just isn't working. ... (13 replies)
... I also take Advair twice a day. (3 replies)
... I second that opinion that it's not normal. See a doctor, a lung doctor to see if you may have other problems developing, such as COPD. The local doctors I've found are not specialists, they can prescribe general advice. If a problem persists you should see a specialist as the local doc may give you the it okay, very unlikely to be anything but obviously if something... (3 replies)
... No, that's not normal. If your lungs feel tight all/most of the time, you need to be on daily controller meds. Other than your nebulizer and rescue inhaler, what are you taking? (3 replies)
... spoke little of my breathing problem and more of my peach problem because the same thng happened before to je when I ate a peach. The doctor didn't listen to my lungs but said the thought I had scratched my trachea on the peach skin and gave me some gel stuff and steroids which supposidly should have helped in two days. ... (0 replies)
... (11 replies)
... Why do you think it can't be asthma? What does asthma mean to you? Also, if you don't think it's asthma, what's your theory as to why your right lung feels constricted? When you had the spirometry done, did they give you any puffs of ventolin? (11 replies)
... It sounds like you are well informed on this. I did take a spirometry test (I think thats what its called, where I blew into the tube) and the doctor said it was normal. But, at that time my right lung wasn't feeling the tightness I'm describing. Like I said, it's a cycle; my right lung will tighten up then I can make myself cough up phlegm and then it will ease off a... (11 replies)
... Well currently, my chest is no longer tight .. but my breathing is not how it normally was. I have to take longer and slower breaths it seems like but it is much better than it was when I made this topic. ... (3 replies)
... my lungs were feeling very tight and it was very hard to breathe. ... (3 replies)
Jun 27, 2008
... I had a slight cough for a few days and a tight feeling in my chest. No fever or any other symptoms. What could be the cause of this? ... (0 replies)
... I am a 23 year old female. I was a social smoker but have not smoked for a while. For the past two months I have had a very tight chest. ... (1 replies)
... I am fine. No more sneezing, watery eyes and tight lungs. I am overweight which makes everything worse. My allergy doctor even told me that if I would lose weight, she thought my lung function would improve. ... (22 replies)

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